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Monday, February 28, 2011

Little baby elephants

I love making baby gifts.  They are always cute and easy, usually pretty quick and most of the time I get to use up some of my cute scraps! 

I also love Stitch magazine.  I picked one up at Hobby Lobby one day and now I am hooked! There are usually over 40 projects inside-something for everyone!  I have even ordered back issues but they aren't here yet...patiently waiting at my mailbox for those to arrive!

The issue that I have has some great baby projects in it.  One of them being this adorable little elephant! 

I whipped one up yesterday for Preston.  His is a bit "J. Crew-ish" with it's classic linen. Love that.

Then, I decided to make one for our little nephew.  He is 3 months now and is going to enjoy chewing on everything as much as Preston does very soon.  I made his out of "stinky hawkeye" fabric as Dustin and Peighton like to say. 

When driving, Dustin will stick his nose up and say "What's that smell Peighton?"  And she will reply very matter of factly "must be the Hawkeyes!"  Ha!  So, this one is a bit smelly. ;-) 

But he's still cute.  On this one I used some corduroy and minky which will be fun textures for him to chew on!

And of course, Miss Peighton had to have one too-in pink!  She picked out some pink camo flannel (not sure what I ever bought that for!).  She also chose the purple polka dot tail.   It's cute. Now maybe she will let Preston have his!

And this was my happy little helper:

She was so excited that she got to stuff them!  

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