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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dreaming of summer days

While there are like 14ish inches of snow outside I am warm and cozy sewing inside!

I was looking through my patterns a few days ago, finding things to make and came across Simplicity 3503 dress pattern.  I had been meaning to make it awhile back but never got around to it.
It made me think of warm days and summer and it seemed like a great project for a snow day!

I love dresses.  Mostly just casual ones to wear while out and about with the kiddos during the day.  But sometimes I have a hard time finding them to fit me right.  I don't think I've ever made myself a dress, especially not a knit one so I really didn't know how this was going to go!

I cut the pieces out last night while Dustin was giving the short ones baths.  I did a little of the sewing last night, but did most of it during naptime today.  It didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would.

I loved the fact that I could make certain parts of it longer or shorter depending on how I wanted it. The pattern was pretty easy and I kind of made my own directions at some parts but it turned out great!

Here is a picture of it.  I did try it on but I am not going to put my pasty-whiteness on here for the world to see!  It looks fab with some strappy brown heels I have!!!

Both the front and the back have a V shape to them.  It's really cute on-you'll have to look at the pattern picture to see though!

I think the fabric was about $8.00 a yard.  It took a little less than 2 yards.  So for about $16.00 (and a few hours of my time) I just made a really fabulous dress.  I bought a similar one from Express recently for $59! 
I love it and I think I might try the halter version from the same pattern next.   I'm going to be ready for summer in no time!


  1. Am I reading that pattern correctly in that there is NO zipper? I can't do zippers. Especially in knit. Heck, I can barely handle knit! But I'm going to try this one out! Let's wear them to freedom festival! ;-)

  2. yep-no zippers! you would look amazing in this dress! the only thing that was slightly difficult was that it was made from knit. the rest super easy!