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Monday, December 15, 2014

Disney On Ice, Cookies, Santa and a Christmas Pageant!

The first weekend in December is Dustin's annual deer hunting weekend.
We find LOTS of fun things to do while he's off "Feeding the Family."
We took a few pictures.
Preston is a good sport and will usually hold a doll for Peighton.

Friday night we watched Christmas movies!

Saturday we were off to Disney on Ice.

No family picture is complete these days without little Cy.

There were lots of princesses there but one of our favorites was the Toy Story show.
We LOVED Slinky-Dog!

Preston giggled when the potato heads came out.

The army men were quite impressive, we liked those too.

My favorite from the whole show was Barbie and Ken though!
Ken even had the molded plastic hair-as every Ken doll should!!!
We also hit the horse drawn carriage rides in Kalona!
It was so much fun riding around town in this!

We found a few buddies to ride along with us.


Sunday morning was our first Christmas pageant.
Preston was cast as the part of a lamb.
He played his part very well-he sat on the hay bale and looked cute.

Peighton was a shepard.
She even had a few other lambs following her.
It was an adorable Christmas pageant and I'm sure they will look forward to it next year.

After church we squeezed in our annual cookie decorating day at Grandma Sue's.

She's become quite the professional cookie decorator...she's had lots of years of practice!

He's mostly an eater of the cookies but did decorate a few.

That afternoon was West Chester's Christmas celebration so we had to stop and see Santa, do a few crafts and eat some cookies!

It was a weekend packed full of fun adventures!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peighton's new house

Dustin has been working for quite awhile on a house for Peighton's American Girl dolls.
It's been done for a few weeks now and we are having so much fun decorating it!

Peighton and her buddy Cy.
They are never far apart.

We still need to find living room furniture and  bathroom stuff...but I'm guessing there might be a few things under the tree that will work!

She is loving it so far!
It's a good thing we have a big playroom-this thing is huge!

There were quite a few scraps of wood leftover so Preston got a big table he can play tractors on or do legos!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Children's Mass and Preston the Turkey

The kids got to do a children's mass at church a few weeks ago.
The preschoolers were all the animals God made.
Preston got to be the turkey.
He was excited that he got to sit with his class during mass and not with  me.
After church was all over, I discovered that he had snuck in his blackberry and was making (pretend) calls during mass in the back row!!!

It was hard to get pictures, but Peighton's part was Eve.

The whole group.

He played the turkey well but he said it was pretty hot.

Can't wait for the Christmas Pageant this weekend!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Birthday Bowling!

Peighton chose to take a few friends bowling for her birthday this year.
We all had lots of fun!
The girls went back and forth using the ramp and just rolling it.
There were only a few balls that had to be rescued because they didn't make it all the way down!

Bowling buddies.

Preston chose not to use the ramp and he did pretty well!

After bowling we went for pizza!

Preston got to bring one of his preschool buddies along and they had so much fun!
It was funny to hear the conversations that went on between the two of them.
And they only bugged the girls occasionally.

We had to blow out at least one candle to make it an official birthday party!

She requested hot chocolate for her birthday breakfast.

And of course cinnamon rolls with a candle!

We have been taking pictures with this bear every year on her birthday.
We both love to look through all the pictures and how she has changed!

Cy and Preston don't like to be left out.


We had a great day celebrating all things Peighton.
We went out for Mexican, watched a movie, played in the snow and played games.
It was a great 8th birthday!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Father/Daughter Dance

A few weekends ago, Dustin and Peighton went to a Father/Daughter dance and had a great time dancing the night away!
Cy wouldn't stay OUT of the picture so we just put him in one!

Peighton said they had lots of fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Leaves, Pumpkins, and trick or treating

Peighton BEGS Grandma Sue to rake up her leaves every fall so they can jump in them.
Grandma Sue is the only one with big enough trees with plenty of leaves to rake up!
We found an afternoon that was fairly nice and got together for fun in the leaves!

This was about the only place that all four of them stood still for more than 2 seconds!

There was lots of running....

and giggling.

We took a break from the leaves for a snack and carving Grandma's pumpkins.
The girls took one.

And the boys did the other.
Then we headed back out for one more round in the leaves.

This would have been a great picture...if Hayden weren't eating a stick. ;-)

They all had fun and I think only one of them got their head sat on in the leaves.

 On Friday, they got to dress up in their costumes for school.
Preston was super excited to finally have a "real" Halloween party!
I was excited that I got to go to both of their parties for lots of Halloween fun!
No idea what Spiderman is doing here....I'm guessing he was cold.

We had to move inside for more pictures.

Spidey loved his muscles.

He shot me a few times with his web.

Not sure what this pose was but it's pretty funny.

Queen Elsa played the part quite well.

After some Jack-o-lantern pizza we headed to town for trick or treating!

We found Olaf at Grandma Pat's house!

After a quick picture with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Marvin we were off for some very cold trick or treating!
Trick or treating with these four is like herding cats.
It was quite fun and we all laughed a lot....there was fighting over whose turn it was to ring the doorbell...there was crying over not being able to eat EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CANDY...but mostly there was lots and lots of laughing.
Can't wait until we do it all again next year!