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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We've carved our pumpkins, made Halloween cookies and done some pumpkin crafts!
We are ready for Halloween!

Preston was very serious about his pumpkin carving.

Getting a good picture of the two of them is always a challenge!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Quad County Pork Fest

We stopped by the Quad County Pork Fest a few weeks ago and had a great time!
The weather was perfect and there were lots of fun things for the kids to do.
Peighton enjoyed the petting zoo.

We love a good cutout!

They decorated a pig cookie but ate it so fast I didn't get a picture of the cookie!

There was a giant tunnel that they both had fun going through.

Pony rides.
Guess who REFUSED to ride a pony in a circle...Yep, Preston.

Preston wanted to know "WHY is this combine not in the field today!?!?!?"

A train ride pulled by a lawn mower is always fun!

Guess where I used to work? ;-)

And when there is face painting it's a "Must do" for Peighton!
We had a very fun afternoon and will be sure to go back next year!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A little flour sack fun!

I have a bunch of Blue Bird Flour sacks in my sewing room.
I had NO IDEA what to do with them.
Until I talked to a sweet lady at The Kalona Junction who gave me the idea to make super cute bags out of them.
Why didn't I think of that!
I came up with a couple of adorable Market Totes!

I am positive each one that I make is going to be different.
Good thing I have lots more flour sacks because I have lots more ideas!
They will be at the Kalona Junction soon!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A trip to Harvestville Farms!

We spent a fabulous day at Harvestville farms this weekend.
Such a fun place!
I LOVE this picture with the old truck behind them!

Peighton and Preston love these things....they needed a sunflower so Dustin got put in!

I'm not sure Dustin was supposed to be riding the scooters...

There were cute TRACTOR tire swings!

Of course he loved it.

The giant slide made out of PVC pipes was a big hit too.
Preston told me," it's bumpy on my hiney!"

I like his concentration here at the duck races.
He worked hard to get his ducks to go.

A pumpkin patch is not complete without a corn pool.
This one was HUGE!

He tried burying himself.

And of course there was a jumpy pillow.

I think it became a stage for Peighton.

We also took a horse drawn wagon ride out to the pumpkins.

The driver asked Peighton to come help her drive the wagon!

Preston refused to get up there with her though.

After lots of playing we picked out some great pumpkins and then hit the Pizza Ranch!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Ready for Fall

It's officially fall at our house when we get the porch decorated!
I LOVE the giant Mums!
My corn shocks took a bit of a beating in a storm but they still look good.

I  made a cute burlap wreath to hang on the door.
It was super easy!
Now we just need a few more pumpkins from the pumpkin patch!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Peighton's turn in the field

Peighton still loves to ride in the combine with her Grandpa.
While we waited for her to be picked up they thought they should take a few pictures.

No idea what this face is!

Peighton and her Grandpa.

Preston and I watched all the action from the tractor tire.
We climbed on the semi, played in the corn stalks and just watched.

Peighton had a great time and snuck a few snacks while she was in there!