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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BEST Christmas break EVER!

We had the best Christmas break ever.
These two are so much fun right now.
Peighton had a list of activities for us to do over break and we almost got to all of them!

Peighton had 4 teeth pulled the day they got out of school, but she was still up for ice skating on Christmas Eve, two days post teeth!

She has become quite good at ice skating!

Preston has improved a ton since the last time we went!

Christmas morning gets better each year.

Peighton had a really hard time thinking of anything she needed this year.
She finally came up with a few items.
One was a hot pink show comb.

Another was a rhinestone covered halter-LOVE.
It's hard to see in the picture but the sides are covered in glittery stones.

And Santa threw in a hot pink water bucket too!

She will be hard to miss in the barn and the show ring this year.

He wanted a real cowboy hat-he still has a thing for bull riding.
He got a semi with a grain hopper from Santa but I must have missed a picture with that.

Preston also asked Santa for camo gloves...Cy enjoyed them as well.

New chairs for camping and showing got delivered as well.
They were great for Christmas snacking too!

All the boys got a service truck like Tish from Grandma Sue!
Suddenly EVERYTHING is broke down and needs repaired.

Then we headed to Fun City for a night of FUN!
Go Carts, Laser Tag, more go carts and swimming were some of the faves.

We had to grab a quick Icee before we were done.

On New Years Eve we decided to take the kids skiing for the first time!

Preston was SUPER mad at me here because I made him wear a face mask under his helmet.
I'm pretty sure he appreciated it eventually while he was skiing. ;-)

They both did amazingly well and had so much fun in Ski School!
They loved skiing as well as the hot chocolate break and riding from slope to slope behind a 4-wheeler with tracks!

They both said they are ready to go again!
I think a trip to the mountains is in our future!

Now they are back to school-they were both ready.