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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Birthday boy and more FAIR!

Now that Preston is a "two-wheeler" he thought he needed a bigger bike.
He woke up to find a fantastic How Wheels bike on his birthday!
One of the handlebars even revs up his engine!

Dustin thought he needed his own tackle box.

And a new fishing pole!

We made cinnamon rolls for his birthday breakfast complete with candles.

It was such a gorgeous day on his birthday that we had to take his bike out immediately and take it for test drive.

Then we headed to the fair for "Kid's Day!"
Preston thought it was great that he got to spend his birthday at the fair.

Peighton got to help with the magic show.

And Bubba even got called up to the stage!

I love when they all hold hands without even  being asked!

There were more pony rides.

A little corn shelling at Little Hands on the Farm.

And their favorite part was the big bouncy slide!

They all had rug burns on their arms when they were done....that's what happens when you go down it about 100 times!
Good thing Grandpa was the one in charge of the slide that day!

We had to get a good Scruffy Dog picture that afternoon.

Queen Elsa even made an appearance at the fair.
Preston wanted nothing to do with this picture.

Preston was finally old enough to be in the pedal pull!
He could not have been more excited!

Peighton took her turn as well.

After a full day at the fair they took a quick shower and he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
When he got up the next morning he said, "I really liked my birthday."

Cy must have had a rough day too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clover Kids and Oreo Stacking

Peighton has loved being a Clover Kid the past 2 years.
This year she chose a duct tape pencil pouch and a flower pot for her projects.
She has already planned all the treasures she can store in this nifty little pouch!

And I can't wait to put a cute flower in her pot!

Annual fair picture by the sign.
Can't wait until they are leading a few animals in front of here in a few years!

One of their favorite events is Oreo Stacking.

Preston got a few tips from Grandpa before the competition!

He made it to the second round in his age group but then got beat.

He is a very serious oreo stacker!

We love the working exhibits too!
We had lots of fun everyday at the fair!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Silly Cake and fun at the Fair!

We LOVE the fair!
It was a beautiful week the WHOLE week of the fair.
We even had to wear sweatshirts a few times.
The kids and I entered the Silly Cake contest again this year.

Peighton chose a "Beach theme" complete with bears under umbrellas and lots of fish!

The pony rides were a huge hit!
Peighton loved it and continues to think she needs one.

Preston even decided to ride!

He always has a wave for me!

Hayden had a great time.

Then we moved onto the reptiles.
This snake was all over the place and we thought he was going to go off the table!

The boys thought the alligator was pretty cool.

One of our favorite places this year was the corn pit.

Nothing better than laying in a pile of corn.

And burying Peighton.

As we waited for the tractor pull to start the kids decided to be dogs.

I appreciate their creativity.

We had a great first night at the fair!

Preston enjoys wearing his "ear mufflers." ;-)


Monday, July 21, 2014

Biking Buddies

We have been getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather lately!
We loaded up the bikes and headed to the KeWash trail.
It's one of our favorite places to bike.

This boy is awesome on his two wheeler!

And she has gotten so tall we decided to take along her bigger bike!

I can't even count the number of times he told me "Mommy, I LOVE biking!"

They make a good pair.
We biked quite awhile before either one of them complained!

Then we had to play on the playground for awhile.

She totally gets her pull-up skills from me.

Even with all the fun playground equipment at this park, this climbing thing is their favorite!

Great day of biking and nice weather!
We decided next time we should pack a picnic!