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Monday, February 24, 2014

Saturday night fun at the skating rink!

We decided to take the kids roller skating last Saturday night.
Good thing Dustin is a good skater!
Peighton has gone quite a few times for birthday parties but this was Preston's first time.
Preston was not so sure of having wheels on his feet!

He made it around 2 times then decided he wanted to sit with me and wave at Peighton!

Peighton surprised me at how good she is!

I was surprised at Dustin too!

It was a fun night!
Preston's going to need a few more times before he thinks that we're not crazy for strapping wheels on!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A visit to a very special hospital

Last week we sent Nellie off to the American Girl Hospital.
Yep, it really exists.
She's had a bad eye for as long as we can remember.
When I called the hospital, they thought it might be a manufacturing defect...but they had to examine her to be sure.
I talked it over with Peighton and she thought we should send her and get it fixed.
I figured she would be upset about the boxing her up and sending her off...but she wasn't.
The only thing that she was sad about was sending her off completely naked-one of the hospital's rules.
There were a lot of tears about that part!!!!!
But we sent her off and expected her to be gone for 2-3 weeks.
She was back exactly ONE week later!
She was dressed in an adorable hospital gown, socks, new hair bows and even a hospital bracelet!
Cutest thing ever!!!!!
There was a certificate signed by the doctor prescribing a week of rest and lots of hugs.
Such a fun experience!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Indoor BOY fun

Preston and I have had to find some creative ways to entertain ourselves during the "never-ending winter" around here!
We've gotten bored with normal we added trucks and it was a whole morning of fun for both of us!
His eyes and facial expressions always crack me up in pictures!

And of course the tongue...that's when he's thinking hard about something.

We had to scoop a lot of paint.

He loved it and we'll be doing this again for sure!

And this boy is dying to get back out to his huge sandbox in the backyard.
While we wait for it to thaw we've been burying things in our bean tub.
One of our favorite things to find are these letter puzzles we found at the Dollar Tree!

Hopefully we are getting close to spring so we can get back outside!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dreaming of warmer places!

The frozen tundra that we call home has kept us inside A LOT lately.
Which means I've found some new things to sew!
I decided I needed a new beach bag for a trip in March.

Then I decided it needed accessories!

And I always hate how everyone's suitcases look the same at the airport.
Problem solved with a few cute scraps and a new luggage tag!
Can't wait to use these in a few weeks!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We made a chalkboard wall!

When I was cleaning out a cupboard a few weeks ago I found a bag from the hardware store.
Inside was a container of chalkboard paint and a receipt dated March 2013...I think I had forgotten about this project!
So, I decided it was time to do it!
I hate the color of this wall anyway so anything was an improvement.
Peighton and Preston are LOVING it.
And so am I!
Preston and I practice letters, shapes, numbers and he even drew a fantastic family picture one day!
Peighton does her spelling words on it.

She also holds "school" there most afternoons.
Preston plays along....for a little bit...then he does things like put his sword on his head. ;-)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pottery, Mexican Food, a Movie and SNOW

Dustin took some calves to the Beef Expo this weekend.
So, me and the kids kept ourselves busy with lots of activities!
Peighton had a clover kids field trip Saturday morning.
It was at our favorite "Paint Your Own Pottery" place!

Preston got to go along and paint too!

He chose a very cool "Spidey" mug for his hot choc-o.

Peighton chose a ring/bracelet organizer for her room.
We can't wait to go pick them up next week!

Of course we chose Mexican for lunch because it's our favorite!

Then we went to see "The Nut Job" movie.

I love taking these guys to movies!
Preston giggles through most of it!!!!!
We saw some great previews of movies we'll be going to next!
And of course we had to scoop snow on Sunday.
Since it was just over ZERO when we started we decided our "Ninja Masks" were a good choice!
They might be my best winter weather purchase of the year-we all stay cozy warm and no one complains of being cold!