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Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break 2017...Drinks by the ocean...sand castles...and a foam party!

We had such a fun time on Spring Break this year!

We took the kids on their first trip to Mexico and had a BLAST! 

The resort was fabulous.
There were shows at the pool everyday and shows at night too.
We attended a Madonna and Lady Gaga concert...the Hispanic version. ;-)
Peighton though it was amazing!

A few pictures from our week:

Preston kept us entertained at meals with his chopstick skills...and hot dogs.

We discovered mini lounge chairs.
They told me it would have been fun about 4-5 years ago to sit in these chairs!

The resort had a fantastic beach perfect for making sand castles.

This boy did not EVER tire of digging in the sand.
He made some AMAZING sand creations!

Both kids loved the hammocks by the beach.

Lots of playing in the waves.

When your mom is a teacher there is required reading on Spring Break.
She enjoyed doing her time in the hammock each day.

He found a love for fruity drinks on the beach.

Another of his castles, or maybe this one was his barn.

Preston had a few "moments" when we fondly referred to him as "The Angry Elf."
We had a lot of laughs about our little angry elf.
But it was usually short-lived and then he was back to being fun again.

There were grasshoppers on the menu one night!
Dustin was the only one that would try them...

Wiki Sticks are AMAZING for traveling!
Preston and I sat in first class on the flight to Mexico and they were in his lunch.
I will now be buying those for all future trips.
They were endlessly entertaining...especially for The Angry Elf.

Most of the time he was so much fun.

These two tried out snorkel gear.
Peighton loved it and used it all week long.
Preston's might have been too big for him and the water kept getting in and he got very frustrated.
Maybe next time.

Preston's favorite drink was the Miami Vice.
He had quite a few of them!

He really liked digging by the water...until the tide came in.

One of his best creations!
People walking by were impressed with his skills.

Peighton is and always has been a delightful travel companion.
She was so much fun with absolutely anything we did!

This one is just pure ornery boy.
But he kept us entertained and laughing.

Picture with year in the sand...must do.

Occasionally they even sat in the hammock together!

Lots of running in and out of the ocean!

It was really fun to watch him play in the water!

Preston only wanted to go out deeper when he was on Dustin's back.

One of the best parts about traveling during Spring Break were all the parties going on that week at the resort.
The kids attended their first Foam Party...along with numerous college kids.

The pool was covered in foam while they swam about!

We looked for shells numerous times each day.
They found some really cool ones along with pieces of coral.

Cupcake and Sprite breaks were mandatory multiple times each day!

Before we left Preston told me he was going to search for Pirate's treasure.
When they were out on jet skiis a pirate ship sailed by!

Peighton LOVED the jet ski!

Cheers to a fabulous Spring Break with tons of wonderful memories.

We had so much fun with the kids.
It was certainly different than our usual trip to the beach but it was better in so many ways.

The kids can't wait to go back!