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Friday, July 22, 2016

Simmental Junior Nationals 2016

We had a great week at Simmental Junior Nationals in Des Moines!

Cy got to come to the barn a few of the days.
Peighton LOVED having him down there.

They spent a bit of their time cleaning.

Most of their time was spent having lots of fun and learning!

Peighton did an obstacle course one night which included running in a circle of fitting mats as well as building with buckets and running through feed pans!

Uno was the game of the week.
Peighton loved playing with her new friend Colbey!
We can't wait to find Colbey at the State Fair this year!

Preston was happy to dig holes.
Lots of holes.

They made GREAT friends with the kids in our aisle.
We sent them on a scavenger hunt one night.
They had to find at least 5 kids from 5 other states in teams of two.
Preston even went along with some of the boys!

The Uno game just got bigger and better as the week went on.

Peighton got a one on one showmanship lesson at the Sullivan's workshop one night.
Her teacher was a friend of Dustin's who did a GREAT job with her.

She also participated in 3 contests throughout the week but there's not any pictures of that.

She had to prepare a Sales Talk and present it, along with her heifer to a buyer.
She judged 6 classes of calves and gave oral reasons on one class.
She also did a cattleman's quiz.

She did a great job on each of the contests!

Finally it was show day!

Cy got to come to his first cattle show!

Peighton showed Anna like a boss.

I like this picture because Anna was looking right at me taking the picture!

Peighton got Anna to stand just right in the ring.

LOVE this picture of pure concentration that was taken of Peighton!

She had a great week and is looking forward to the State Fair!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FINALLY got to go camping!

We've been so busy showing pigs and heifers this summer there hasn't been any free weekends to get the camper out!

We finally made time last weekend and headed to Lake Darling!

Preston was super excited when Peighton and I showed up at the camper Thursday night with a new BIGGER bike!
This kid is growing like a weed and was too tall for his other bike.

We spent Friday afternoon playing at the beach.

Beach LOVER.

My double camping chair is usually occupied by the dog and one of the kids!

The one on the right thinks he owns that spot.

Peighton is THE BEST Smores maker!
She only burns them to a crisp occasionally and makes them nicely tanned just like I like 'em!

He mostly likes to eat them.

She ate her fair share as well.

He does make a few but his "face gets too hot."

We had a great weekend filled with camping, smores, a parade, fireworks and fun.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Transforming to SIX!!!! ( In a few weeks)

We celebrated this fun little boy a few weeks early!

He loves all things Transformers right now!

Fabulous cake made by Sweet Satisfaction in Keota!
They were super helpful, made a GREAT cake and they delivered it too!

These two went down for the first time about 9:45 that morning.
They took a few breaks for food and drinks but didn't stop until we tore them off the slide at 6:30 that night!
They had so much fun and Preston is already planning on getting the slide again for his 7th birthday!

They found lots of good ways to use the slide!

He did make a short stop for presents and cake too.

I'm really not sure who had the MOST  fun though....might have been this guy.

And we wondered why we had to keep filling up the pool!!!!!!

These kids had so  much fun!
What a great way to celebrate six!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Iowa Simmental Field day fun

Peighton took Princess Anna on her first outing this weekend in Ames for the Iowa Junior Simmental Field Day.

It was a great weekend of learning and showing.

We drove around campus for awhile Sunday morning and Dustin showed Preston where he'll live in a few years and how there will be some nice Pi Phi girls right up the street. ;-)

Waiting to go in.

Looks like we need a smaller harness for Peighton.
This one is as tight as it will go and it's still too big on her!

Peighton did a great job showing Anna.

She ended up third in her class that day.
Super proud of this girl and her heifer!

Right before showmanship, Anna had had enough and gave up.
She laid down while we were waiting for the seniors to finish up.
Peighton thought it was funny and we made a cute picture out of it!
It was a long day for her as well.
We brushed her off and sent them into showmanship though!
Can't wait for the next one with these two!