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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winter Break sure was GREAT!!!

We had so much F U N over Christmas break!
Peighton made a list of all the things she wanted to do over break.
We got through quite a few of them but not all-her list was kind of long.

Have I mentioned how much I love matching jammies.
I'm waiting for the day when they tell me "NO."

We had a fun afternoon bowling.

This guy had a whole "technique" when it was his turn.
The ball had to be facing a certain direction on the ramp, he had to back all the way to the end, and a running start was in there as well.
It worked out for him a few times.

Peighton did pretty well.
She has added it to her list of "winter activities" we should do more often...she likes to make lists.

These two asked for a trampoline for Christmas.
So that should be a few months when we can actually set it up!

These 3 have a thing for "meat sticks."
Guess what was in everyone's stocking!!!

Our new Christmas tradition= donuts for breakfast.
This guy can put away an apple fritter in no time!

This was NOT my idea.
I know he's going to have fun with it though.
Hopefully the cats stay out of his way.

She has asked for her own sewing machine for awhile now.
She made a small blanket out of scraps for her first project!
4-H here we come!

Dustin did some of the Christmas shopping with me this year...which is why Bubba got camo and a BB gun.

I think his favorite item came from the Dollar General though.
I found dinosaur eggs that he has to hammer/chisel/whack the dinosaur bones out of.
Then he has to build the dinosaur.

He worked on it most of the morning.
He added the goggles and gloves for the job.
He was really proud of the tiny dinosaur that came out of it!
He has three more to dig out but I think it's definitely an outside task!

We spent the next day at mom and dad's.
There were a few tea parties in the basement.

Nellie and Samantha were super excited to attend!

No idea what these two were doing!

After all the Christmas stuff was out of the way we were back to Peighton's list!
Ice skating was one of her "must-do's."

She is really good!
She's not doing any tricks yet but I wouldn't put it past her!

This guy was just plain determined.
He spent most of his time trying to stay on his feet.
He took a few falls but just kept going.

It surprised me how fast she was going!

Dustin helped him quite a bit.

He said he loved it and wants to do it again!

Checked the carousel off her list too!

They love a good snow pile.

Their favorite winter activity is just being pulled behind the four wheeler.

I love the action shots!

Always a few wipe outs but they love it!
We didn't get to everything on her list but we might by the end of winter!
Now we are onto getting ready for Beef Expo!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

One more season of Fall Soccer in the books

Preston played soccer again this fall and had a great time.
Stretching is necessary for all good soccer players.


Lots of speed here...but where's the ball?

The best part about soccer is the trip to Yotty's afterwards!

This one never passes up Yotty's either!


We LOVE matching Christmas pajamas!
Someday, they are going to tell me NO, mom, I will not wear them.

Cy even got a few pictures.

One more pair that our ornery elf brought.

The first weekend of December is Dustin's annual "Deer Camp" weekend.
It's also become our annual "Cookie Day!"

Grandma Sue made two batches of cookies this year and everyone helped until the very end.

There was a quick donut break midmorning thanks to Grandpa Steve.

All their awesome cookies!

Quick picture with Grandma Sue before they were off on other adventures.

The four of them requested a snowball fight with Grandpa this year.

I'm sure there will be lots more this winter!

The same afternoon, Santa always comes to West Chester.

We did a few crafts while we waited for him to arrive.

West Chester Santa is the BEST.

He was asking Preston all sorts of silly questions.

Santa hugs are the BEST!

There weren't many other kids waiting so he had all four of them come up and talk to him again.
Seriously, best Santa ever.