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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tent camping, Pig showing, GREAT start to summer!!!!!!

Dustin has been talking about tent camping in the backyard for awhile now.
He and the kids finally did it.
Dustin couldn't remember the last time this tent was actually used....and I had to find it with his texted directions from Arkansas!!!!
It was finally found, aired out and ready to go!
These two were BEYOND excited.

It wasn't quite big enough for 2 air mattresses, but they squeezed them both in because nobody really wanted to sleep on the ground.
I volunteered to stay inside...there just wasn't enough room for all of us...I was SOOOO disappointed....(kidding, I told Dustin there was no way I was sleeping out there!!!!!!!!)
They had a GREAT time and I'm sure they will do it again...after Dustin forgets how it is to sleep next to Preston in a tent.

We made it to the Washington Pig Show this year and had a great time!

Peighton and Tootsie Roll.

Bubba and Cookie.

Summer is off to a great start!

SCHOOL'S OUT (I'm a little behind)

Preston finished school about a week before Peighton did.
He had an awesome last day!

He had an amazing teacher this year!

When he grows up he wants to be a policeman.
They had a very fun little graduation ceremony and then a hot dog lunch afterwards!

Peighton's last week of school was such fun!
The whole school did a color run!
I wish I could have been there for that.
The last day is always a potluck lunch and lots of fun.
She had a GREAT year in 2nd grade.

Even CY got in on the "last day" pics!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

First camping trip of 2015!

Somewhere around February Preston started asking when we could go camping.
And it hasn't stopped since then.
We FINALLY got it out for some weekend fun last weekend.
Preston couldn't have been happier.

They've been waiting all year for SMORES!

I think someone has outgrown his camping chair.

Saturday turned out to be pretty nice and we spent some time at the playground.

Cy came along too.

It was pretty windy but we did a little fishing.

They spent some time drowning some worms.

Everyone enjoys a little fishing.

Preston did catch a nice Bass later in the day but that was the ONLY fish caught all weekend.
We can't wait for nice weather and more camping!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First pig show of the season!

We've got our first pig show under our belt!
We loaded everyone up and headed out about 5:00 one morning!

They were both excited to wear their show gear again!

A year has made a big difference!
They are both A LOT more helpful getting them weighed in, washed and to the ring!

Preston has improved quite a bit.

Showmanship is always entertaining.

They love hanging out at the trailer just messing around...and snacking, lots of snacking.

Another favorite spot is the pig ramp into the trailer.
It wouldn't be my first choice of where to sit but they seemed to enjoy it!

Preston and Melvin and Peighton and Tootsie Roll.

With a little more time Peighton is going to be an awesome showman.
She has improved leaps and bounds from last year and truly enjoys doing it!

This picture is one of my favorites.
He is trying very hard to show like the big boys.
He's trying to crouch down just like some of the older kids in the background.

Not too long into the drive home it got very quiet in the backseat.
Can't wait for the next one!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Afternoon laps with the pigs

Our afternoon fun now includes making laps around the house with all the pigs!
Preston is good for about 2 laps and then he says his "legs are tired of walking."

They are NOT supposed to go in the play area...because they poop everywhere!
Preston is getting better at keeping them out.

He has become quite fond of "Cookie."


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter fun (just a little bit late)

We had a fun Easter Sunday!
The Easter Bunny brought a few new games and puzzles and then we were off to church.
All three looking at the camera is rare!

Preston chose to pout after church and did NOT want a picture taken.

No idea whose idea this was...
We needed more shade and a bigger bench for our outside picture!

Grandma Sue has the best Easter egg hunts!
Candy AND money were found!

Dustin was the chosen one to be the "the horse."
He played his part well.

What a fun day with lots of family!