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Monday, July 21, 2014

Biking Buddies

We have been getting out and enjoying this beautiful weather lately!
We loaded up the bikes and headed to the KeWash trail.
It's one of our favorite places to bike.

This boy is awesome on his two wheeler!

And she has gotten so tall we decided to take along her bigger bike!

I can't even count the number of times he told me "Mommy, I LOVE biking!"

They make a good pair.
We biked quite awhile before either one of them complained!

Then we had to play on the playground for awhile.

She totally gets her pull-up skills from me.

Even with all the fun playground equipment at this park, this climbing thing is their favorite!

Great day of biking and nice weather!
We decided next time we should pack a picnic!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bubba Caught us Dinner!

Preston and his Lightening McQueen fishing pole caught us dinner last week!
He made sure to wear his "fishing shirt."
You know, because it has fish on it.

He was so proud of himself!
I'm not a big fan of fish but it was pretty good!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gator Boys, Scooter Girls and a WHOLE hog roast = 4th of July Fun!

The kiddie parade has become a tradition for us.
This year we included our buddies, Hayden and Lane.
Not a successful group picture.
We had some non-participation from a few. ;-)

We ran into Peighton's sweet friend, Erin who was also decked out in 4th of July craziness.

The boys chose to be the "Gator Boys" and won the "Most Patriotic" award.

Must have been something going on behind them!

They drove it like they stole it all the way down the hill!

But they did have time to wave at their fans.

Downhill on a scooter is a bit more difficult.
Hayden needed some assistance with breaking.

We all watched the parade and got lots of candy!

Then the real fun began!
Dustin and Mike put a WHOLE pig on the grill at like 6:00 that morning.

This was the result that afternoon.

Good thing they had a good set of gloves!

We rigged up a "table" on a few sawhorses, my welding sawhorse and some boards.
We might need to upgrade for the next time!

He had to "rest" a bit.
Then they took the meat off and we all dug in!
It was awesome!

The kids tried out sparklers.
The solo cups make great hand protectors!

Preston loved it and did quite a few.

Lane enjoyed it as well.

Hayden was not overly thrilled with them but did get closer than Peighton.
There are NO pictures of Peighton doing even one sparkler because she completely freaked out whenever one got near her!!!!!

And Lane was really ticked off when his sparkler went out!!!!
We sat in our backyard and saw 3 different fireworks shows.
A great day and night!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Camping and Fishing and FUN!

Little Cy has officially become a camping dog!
He fit in pretty well and was fairly well  behaved...except for the time he took a poop in the camper.
But we forgave him because he is just so cute.

The kids got me a comfy camping chair....guess who never gets to sit in it...ME!!!!!
Cy took a few naps there and Peighton steals it every chance she gets!

Preston worked on his catching skills.

I even caught an action shot!

The kids tried out the top bunks and declared "They were awesome!"
Preston liked crawling up and down the ladder...and crawling across the top of the cabinet to annoy his sister.
He's sweet like that.

She tolerated him...for the most part.

Fishing lessons from your Great Grandpa are priceless.

Preston is one of the cutest little fisherman ever.

Everyone got a few tips from Grandpa Dale too.

We tried for a group picture...which is always a challenge!

Semi-successful when no one is crying!

The back of the truck is always fun!
Even though it rained most of the time we were at Lake Red Rock and our campsite had its own river flowing down it at times we had a great time!
It's a good thing I have the camper stocked with lots of games, art projects and activities because we played EVERY SINGLE ONE while it rained!!!!
We rode bikes, fished, boated, grilled and just had fun!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Our newest little guy!

We picked up our sweet little pup, Cy a few weeks ago!

The kids loved that he sat in his own seat on the way home.

Preston has been a good helper taking him out to go potty and helping feed him.

Peighton is a BIG helper too.

He loves his kennel in the garage.
This is often how we find him!

But he REALLY loves his Cyclone bed in the kitchen!

These two are buddies.
They play ball a lot!
Cy has even gone camping with us twice now!
He is the perfect little camping dog.
He's working hard on potty training...even though he has pooped in the house and in the camper we still love him!!!!!