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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We may have the only Easter Bunny that brings pig whips...

Most Easter bunnies leave candy.
Not here though!
The kids both got a new whip for showing their pigs.

Peighton's was of course PINK.
(Love Bubba's face in the background!)

And Preston got a blue one.
Guess what he has slept with the past few nights....yep, the pig whip.

After they finished whipping each other a few times to test them out we got ready for church.

Preston needs a bit of work on his "happy face."

Peighton loved that we were both wearing our maxi dresses and jean jackets. ;-)

Ready for the Easter egg hunt at church!
Lane cheated and started his hunt a bit early.
Hayden was having a "moment" and chose not to be in our picture.

Ready for the hunt!

You know it's a good hunt when you have to use both hands to hold everything!


We spent the rest of the day playing outside at Grandma Sue's house and had another egg hunt!

We tried for quite awhile to get a picture of everybody!

Ryker joined the picture...

But it's really hard to get everyone looking!
We had a great Easter weekend!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cookie decorating with the "Short People"

The weekend before Easter we decided it would be a great idea to decorate cookies with all the short people.
It was super fun!
We might have to make this an annual celebration.
Grandma Sue and Katy were in charge of getting the frosting on the cookies (as fast as possible)  and I supervised the CIRCUS on the other side of the counter!
They all did a great job and only ate their one cookie.
They may be hired again for this job!!!
Hayden decorated her own personal cookie...and ate the frosting....and then needed more frosting!

She really liked the frosting. ;-)

Everyone had their own cookie sheet to contain their mess.
They all did a great job considering all the containers of sprinkles that were on the counter!

Hayden went for quality, not quantity of cookies.

Preston is a cookie decorating machine!

Peighton is getting pretty good at it...she's got the most experience out of all of them!

We also dyed some eggs!
Even Grandpa Steve got in on it.
The twins DID dye eggs but I couldn't take pictures and man their cups of dye at the same time!
We had a great afternoon and will be doing it again!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet "Oreo" and "Pig-Pig"

On Saturday, Dustin brought a few new 4-legged friends to our barn.
If you've been to our house, you've probably met or heard about "Mow-Mow," the kitty.
Preston kept his theme when he named "Pig-Pig."
And the funniest part is that Dustin had a cat that he drug around as a's name???

Preston likes when they run laps around the pen.
It sends him into a fit of giggles!

He also enjoys letting "Pig-Pig" chew things!

Preston is the happiest poop-scooper I've ever met.
And he is very good at it too!

There was a lot of brushing too.
We may have the cleanest pigs around!

They will be showing them in a few open shows this spring.
They are both looking forward to it and I think their daddy is too!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chicago FUN!

We had a fabulous time in Chicago for Spring Break!

Shedd Aquarium, American Girl Store, Museum of Science and Industry, lots of good food and LOTS of swimming!

Peighton and Nellie enjoyed watching Frozen on the way there.

Preston watched A LOT of John Deere movies!

Shedd Aquarium was very fun.

We watched the trainers feed the Beluga whales!

Monday morning we walked over to the American Girl store for brunch.

Nellie had her own chair, of course.

It was so fun to have brunch in a room that is bursting with PINK!!!!!

These two hot chocolate lovers were excited to see it on the menu!

Even dessert was fun!
There was a flower pot full of dirt pudding and Isabelle's pink cupcake.

Bubba LOVED the cupcakes.

After brunch, it was time to shop.

Our main reason for coming to Chicago was to get Isabelle, the Girl of the Year.
When Peighton first saw her she decided she HAD to have her...she's a blonde dancer that sews!
I agreed.
But since we already had one American Girl I told Peighton she had to earn the second.
Peighton has worked hard the past few months helping me clean, do laundry, chores around the house, scooping snow (there was a lot to be earned in this area) and scooping poop out of the barn.
She earned every bit of it!
Proud of how hard that girl worked!
We picked up Isabelle immediately and most of her accessories too.
We even had our own personal shopper!
I must have looked like I needed one with all the stuff I was carrying!
We got to go to a special room with hot pink furniture to make our final decisions and finish shopping.
Peighton thought that part was really cool (and so did I!!!!).

Luckily there was a Lego store right next door.
Preston and Dustin did a little shopping there while they waited for us to get done.

Preston loved the big statues made from Legos.
He told me, "That's a lot of "Wego-s!"

I'd say we had a LOT of fun at the American Girl Place!

Peighton loved that we could walk everywhere in Chicago.
She told me she really liked visiting there but wouldn't want to live there.

After we finished our shopping we took a cab to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

There was lots of really cool stuff to see.

Nellie got to go along in Peighton's new backpack.

We even found baby chickens!

There was a train exhibit that we got to climb into.

There were also lots of science experiments that we enjoyed!

Even in the big city of Chicago we found some of our favorite color of green!

This was Preston at the end of the day....he was D  O  N  E!!!!!

We spent a lot of time swimming too!

Preston has a newfound love of bull riding.
He discovered that Daddy makes an excellent bull in the pool!

He also demonstrated his cannon ball skills.

We had a GREAT time and will for sure be going back!