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Monday, September 25, 2017


Fall soccer is in full swing!

Preston could hardly wait to play again!

Team Orange has some great players on it!

This one cracks me up.

It was SUPER hot for his first game but we are looking forward to the next one!
Hopefully it's just a bit cooler.

Monday, September 18, 2017

National Cattle Congress

We loaded up the trailer again this weekend and headed to Waterloo for the National Cattle Congress.

Peighton showed a feeder calf for Pemberton Show Cattle.

She took second in class and made it into the final drive.

Anastasia and Cinderella made the trip as well.

Cinderella took Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental and 4th Overall Breeding Beef.

Anastasia was SUPER ornery and danced around for most of the final drive!
But Peighton hung in there and she took Champion Hereford and 5th overall.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

Last weekend : National Barrow Show!

We headed up to the home of SPAM last weekend for the National Barrow Show in Austin, Minnesota!

Preston picked the wrong pig for showmanship - "Norman" is more of a sprinter than a cross country runner....
Preston did a great job but that pig was just too quick for the judge's liking...should have picked the one we call "Fatty," he's not fast at all!

The kids spent a lot of time in the pig pens.

Peighton loves her pigs and misses them now that they are gone!

This picture cracks me up.
They were supposed to just relax with their pig for a minute while the rest of the pigs came into the ring.
Peighton listened.
Preston (in the orange) is unable to quit driving his hog...he just kept going...

They both did well, had a great time, and brought home a new Spam shirt.

They can't wait until new pigs come in a few months because neither one liked bringing home an empty trailer.
Peighton told me "The barn feels empty without any pigs in it!"
Good thing she's still got her heifers to keep her busy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

State Fair 2017 ---Part Two!

The second half of the State Fair was filled with calves.

Preston showed one of our bulls at the state fair last year and ever since then has been begging to do it again.

Friday afternoon was the Simmental bull open show.
He got a few last minute tips from Dad and Grandpa  before going in the ring.

He insisted on wearing his cowboy hat in the show ring.

I love when he drags his bull around like it's a big dog!

He went in all by himself this year!

He's going to be a fantastic little showman in the years to come.

Even though the judge didn't love his calf, he did enjoy talking with Preston.

There's room for improvement but he did a great job getting him set up and walking him around the ring.

He had fun and he brought home another ribbon to hang on his wall!

On Saturday, Peighton showed her two heifers, Cinderella and Drizella in the Simmental Open show.

She and Cinderella did a great job.

Somehow, the judge remembered Peighton from previous shows.
He also appreciated her ear tags and mentioned their names as he talked about her heifers!
I know both of those things impressed Peighton!

Both kids did a fabulous job at the State Fair this year.
Can't wait to see what next year brings as Peighton will finally be old enough to show in the 4-H show!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Iowa State Fair 2017 Edition Part one...

The Great Iowa State Fair was just that - GREAT!

We had lots of fun each day, new adventures,  and new food too!

Classic stick-your-head-in-the-cutout.
This never seems to get old.

I love an annual picture with Fairfield and Rosetta!
I do wonder when they will start rolling their eyes at me for this photo!!!!

We hit the Blue Ribbon Kids Club for a few activities.

One of our "First Day" traditions is the Big Boar Contest.
It did not disappoint!
This has become one of my favorite events to watch.

The kids all took a trip down the giant slide on the first day as well.
Lane wanted to ride with Peighton for the first time down.

When Preston got to the bottom, he told me "I forgot how much I like that!"

When we walked by the Traeger tent they insisted that we hop on their pig grill!
Of course we said yes!

So many giggles while they were all on the pig!!!!

Apparently, the Transformers enjoy a day at the Iowa State Fair too!

He loved this!

A calf topiary requires a picture.

They **may** be required to take a picture here each year too!!

Again, with Fairfield and Rosetta.
I think the one in the pink might have been giving me a look here....

We love the Leinie Lounger!!!!!

Who wouldn't weigh all their children on a big calf scale?!?

I lost track of how many corn dogs these two ate...

Her last trip through Little Hands on the Farm!!!!
Funny how the State Fair experience changes over the years....this used to be all she wanted to do at the fair, again and again and again....

I made her take one more picture for me!!!!

Grandma Sue came to the fair for some fun too!

We stopped most days to get an egg on a stick.

The balloon sculpture was such a fun addition this year!
We loved watching it change each day!

Nothing but joy in this one!

One of our favorite places to eat!!!!

Big Wheel races=so much fun!

What a cheese.

Lots of fun and memories made!