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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Professional Calf Breakers: Peighton and Preston

There were pens to clean and calves to break this weekend.
They enjoy the bale ring when it's full of hay.

The kids wanted to start leading the twins around the barn.
We put halters on and Preston got right to work.
About 2 laps around the barn and Beast was broke to lead.

Belle, on the other hand, is a different story.
Peighton has her work cut out for her.

She's a bit stubborn.

She likes to jump and hop around and
when she gets really mad she flops on the ground!

Peighton is just as stubborn as she is though and refuses to give up.
It's been really fun watching the kids with these calves the past few weeks!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break in the KC!

We took a quick trip down to Kansas City and had LOTS of fun!
The first night we ate dinner at T-Rex.
It was the PERFECT place for Preston.

While we waited for our table we got to dig for fossils!
He was all in.
He often digs for fossils in our backyard, so this was "amazing."

He loved it and would like to go back "very soon."

We spent most of our time swimming.
I snapped a few pictures on the way to the waterpark!

It was GREAT to be the first ones in the park one morning!
For the first hour or so it wasn't very busy.
They LOVED when the bucket dumped every few minutes.

Peighton enjoyed the log area, but Preston was just a bit too short to reach the net.

He loved all the water things he had to figure out.

Pool rats.

Most of their time was spent in the Lazy River.
They OWNED it.

There was a waterfall in the middle of it that they went through continuously.

They did a lot of floating too.

We took a short break Sunday afternoon to hit the American Girl store.
Peighton just needed "a few things."

Of course we went to Cabela's as well.
Peighton had just done a report at school about Polar Bears.
So she was very excited to take a picture by one!


The shooting game was a must do.

We also mini golfed which is pretty funny with these two.

Preston lost interest about hole THREE and got crazy.
There were a lot of laughs that evening.

We also stopped at Lego Land.

We measured ourselves in Legos!

Peighton found the "Lego Friends" area.

We rode Merlin's ride.

Tried to take a picture on the ride while holding the camera.

The 4-D movies were awesome!

Preston swam in Legos.

They built a race car.

And Preston met a Lego Ninja!
We also hit the aquarium with the Kocher clan but I must not have taken any pictures there!!!!
We had a great time swimming, visiting some of our favorite people, digging for fossils, and exploring Kansas City.
The kids can't wait to go back!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Springtime = PIG time!

Around January, both kids start asking,
"When are we getting some PIGS???!!!??"
 We  finally have them!
This kid is Chief Poop Scooper in our barn.
He is ALWAYS willing to grab a shovel and clean it up.

He named this guy "Hot Rod."
They have quickly become buddies.

Hot Rod is a big fan of chasing cats, being let out of his pen, eating as many marshmallows as Preston will give him and some good ear scratching as well.
Peighton's new buddy is "Jelly."
Jelly enjoys walks through the barn, sneaking into the baby calves pen (because he fits under the gate) and stealing cat food.

The kids are both enjoying having pigs again and can't wait for their first show!

Monday, March 7, 2016

BABIES in the Barn!

Peighton has taken over "Mama Cow" duties for two sweet little twins.
It's not often we have babies in our barn since our cows do not calve at our house.
Peighton was very excited for this opportunity and has been doing an amazing job with these little guys.
She has named them "Belle" and "Beast."
This little guy didn't want a bottle the first day he was here.
Peighton was very concerned that he wouldn't eat.
When she got him to take a bottle the second day she was extremely happy.

Preston is very serious about his assistant duties.

She is absolutely in LOVE with these calves.
Belle has already had a halter on and has been groomed by Peighton.

The kids spent most of the weekend in their pen.

They've started following her all over the pen.
I know where she'll be going as soon as she gets off the bus this afternoon!