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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Springtime = PIG time!

Around January, both kids start asking,
"When are we getting some PIGS???!!!??"
 We  finally have them!
This kid is Chief Poop Scooper in our barn.
He is ALWAYS willing to grab a shovel and clean it up.

He named this guy "Hot Rod."
They have quickly become buddies.

Hot Rod is a big fan of chasing cats, being let out of his pen, eating as many marshmallows as Preston will give him and some good ear scratching as well.
Peighton's new buddy is "Jelly."
Jelly enjoys walks through the barn, sneaking into the baby calves pen (because he fits under the gate) and stealing cat food.

The kids are both enjoying having pigs again and can't wait for their first show!

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