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Monday, March 7, 2016

BABIES in the Barn!

Peighton has taken over "Mama Cow" duties for two sweet little twins.
It's not often we have babies in our barn since our cows do not calve at our house.
Peighton was very excited for this opportunity and has been doing an amazing job with these little guys.
She has named them "Belle" and "Beast."
This little guy didn't want a bottle the first day he was here.
Peighton was very concerned that he wouldn't eat.
When she got him to take a bottle the second day she was extremely happy.

Preston is very serious about his assistant duties.

She is absolutely in LOVE with these calves.
Belle has already had a halter on and has been groomed by Peighton.

The kids spent most of the weekend in their pen.

They've started following her all over the pen.
I know where she'll be going as soon as she gets off the bus this afternoon!

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