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Monday, February 22, 2016

Beef Expo 2016

We had a great weekend at the Iowa Beef Expo!
Peighton enjoyed sitting on the bales listening to her Ipod.

I think Preston's favorite part is digging in the bedding and having snacks.

We made lots of laps around the barn with Elsa.

Saturday was such great weather!
It was so nice to just have light jackets on and NO long underwear!

Peighton did a great job helping to take care of Elsa.
Elsa got to debut her new sparkly ear tag.
It's hard to see because she wouldn't lay her ears back, but she now wears a rhinestone ear tag.

Sunday was a bit chillier but still not too bad.
This picture is probably my favorite from the whole weekend.
Pretty sure she's getting some advice from one of her biggest fans.

Peighton showed Elsa like a boss.
Might be able to spot Elsa's new bling in this picture.
Peighton and I also found some new showing bling...we had to walk REALLY far to use the restroom and we happened to find fun stuff each time we went!!!!!

Someday I will be able to see Peighton over her heifer.

It doesn't matter what animal Peighton is showing, she is all business.

Another picture I love.
I see a whole lot of determination in this one.

Peighton did a great job setting Elsa up in the ring.
The judges came over and talked to her individually and she had no problem answering their questions and she may have even cracked a smile.


We took a quick picture afterwards.
She had a great time and is ready to do it again!

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