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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bubba the pig showman

We finally got to take Preston's pig to a show!
He could not have been happier.
He was so excited to put on his "wang-ler" jeans that morning!
Look at that face.
He has the best expressions.
He was in full concentration mode here.

It's neat to see Peighton improve each time she is in the ring.

This guy loves every moment of a pig show.
Especially the sitting on the gates part.

Peighton's assistant...aka Daddy.


She caught me taking pictures during the show and gave me a quick grin before she was back to business.

Pretty sure he had just stepped in poop here.
They both did great, each placing third in their classes.
Preston is already talking about the next show!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Our family is about to get a little bigger!

We are counting down the days until this cute little baby comes home with us:
Meet "Cy" the Cyclone Corgi pup.
Preston has been asking for "a dog" for the past 6 months or so.
He had even thought of the name he would choose.

It was between "Cy" and "Pancake."
I may have pushed hard for "Cy"...I just couldn't see myself yelling for "Pancake" to come!
So, when we got a call that this baby was available we decided Preston needed a dog for his birthday.
We surprised the kids with a trip to visit him on Sunday.
We had gotten to meet them at 2 weeks old so it was fun to see how big they were now.

She is pretty excited too.

This pup has no idea how spoiled he is about to be.
We discovered he loves belly rubs.

Preston could not be more excited!
These two are going to be the best of buddies.
Preston and I have had fun making him a Cyclone dog bed, some chew toys out of scraps of fabric, picking out toys and setting up a kennel.
We currently have a countdown chain for the end of school but I think we need to make one for when Cy comes home!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

We had a GREAT weekend watching Peighton dance and tumble!
She had such a great time and had a huge smile on her face all through rehearsal, the first show and even through the second show!
She loved this costume....

except when she had to be upside down and it was over her face!

Her review of this one: it had itchy armpits. ;-)

I love this picture.
The pose.
The face.
Every bit of it.

Final pose with a big grin!

More drama.
Love it.

She had a great year of dance and is sad that it's over for a few months.
But she is already thinking about what classes to add next year!

Monday, May 12, 2014

First camping trip = SUCCESS!

We were planning on being at a pig show this weekend.
But Preston's pig got a cough so we decided not to go.
So, Friday afternoon we thought it would be a great idea to take the camper out on it's maiden voyage!
The kids have been dying to go ever since we bought it and parked it in the driveway!!!
We chose to stay close to home for our first trip...just in case everything went downhill fast.
We drove about 25 minutes to Lake Belva Deer near Sigourney.
It was a great choice!
The campground was BEAUTIFUL, clean, well maintained and tons of paved trails for the kids bikes and hiking.
And there was fishing too!
I didn't get any pictures of our first night...we were busy setting up and getting two excited kids to bed!
They loved having breakfast in the camper.
Waffles, sausage, eggs and fruit-all of their favorite things!

Bubba and his Strider bike are never far apart.
He has gotten SO FAST on that thing!

There was a whole lot of this all weekend.

Dustin's parents stopped on their way to Indianola for lunch and some hiking and fishing.

Grandpa Dale and Bubba are fishing buddies.

There were lots of things for this guy to study on.

I'm sure there were some interesting conversations at their spot on the pond.

Preston caught a really nice fish!
You would have thought he had caught a shark though-he did NOT want to be near it!!!!

Peighton is quite the fisherman as well.
Dustin took them out in the morning while I did some errands (had to get a new battery for the camper) and she caught 4 fish that she was very proud of!

But she loses interest a little faster than Bubba.
So we took Grandma Deb on a short hike back to the camper.

After biking, fishing, biking, eating, hiking, biking, the playground and some more biking these two OBVIOSULY needed a break!
Thank goodness for a comfy spot with a movie in the camper!!!!

Saturday night we had to roast hot dogs and s'mores for dinner.

Dustin's pants were a hot topic of conversation for the kids.
We lovingly call them his "Shants."
They are pants that unzip to make shorts...shorts and pants...therefore "Shants."
Preston wants a pair in his size...

Preston is a very serious hot dog roaster.

Such a great way to spend a weekend!
On the drive home Preston wanted to know when we were going to go again.
I'm pretty sure we'll be doing lots of camping this summer!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Pig Show of the Season!

Last weekend we loaded up "Oreo" and headed off to our first pig show.
We had to get up SUPER early (especially those of us who had to help breed cows before the pig prep even began!)
With pint-sized chairs and snacks these two were happy most of the morning.

Tractors are never far from Preston.

He had an endless supply of (mostly) clean sawdust to load, doze and push around all day.

It was CHILLY that morning.
She chose to leave her coat on for the first class.
I was wishing I had my winter coat!

We left Pig-Pig behind for this first show so Preston was the official sidekick for the day.

He played his part well.

They used some great teamwork to get Oreo ready.
Preston likes things clean...brushing sawdust off the pig kept him very busy and happy.

Peighton did a great job for her first time.

She ended up third in her class and learned a few new things for next time!
We spent a lot of time watching the older kids and talking about how to improve for next time.
I think we have a couple of awesome future showman!