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Friday, May 23, 2014

Our family is about to get a little bigger!

We are counting down the days until this cute little baby comes home with us:
Meet "Cy" the Cyclone Corgi pup.
Preston has been asking for "a dog" for the past 6 months or so.
He had even thought of the name he would choose.

It was between "Cy" and "Pancake."
I may have pushed hard for "Cy"...I just couldn't see myself yelling for "Pancake" to come!
So, when we got a call that this baby was available we decided Preston needed a dog for his birthday.
We surprised the kids with a trip to visit him on Sunday.
We had gotten to meet them at 2 weeks old so it was fun to see how big they were now.

She is pretty excited too.

This pup has no idea how spoiled he is about to be.
We discovered he loves belly rubs.

Preston could not be more excited!
These two are going to be the best of buddies.
Preston and I have had fun making him a Cyclone dog bed, some chew toys out of scraps of fabric, picking out toys and setting up a kennel.
We currently have a countdown chain for the end of school but I think we need to make one for when Cy comes home!!!!

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