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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Day project for the birds!

I know some people hate snow days.
The kids are home being crazy, it's too cold and windy to go outside, the kids are being crazy....
I actually LOVE snow days.
Now that Peighton is in school every day I miss doing all our little projects with her.
Snow days are like little surprise bonus days that we get to spend together.
We chose a project today that both Peighton and Preston could do together.
We made cereal bird feeders to hang in the backyard.
I asked Peighton to make patterns out of the colors of cereal.
Preston was just working on his fine motor skills.
I love a project that makes both of them work at thier own level.
Look how hard he is concentrating!!!

She was making sure Preston didn't take any of "her colors."

Such a cheese.

Hope the birds like Cheerios, Fruit loops and Apple Jacks becasue that's what we had in the pantry!

Peighton thought they'd make a great necklace...."and if I needed a snack I could just take a bite!!!!!"

Silly faces!
They wanted to go right out and hang them up. 
I said No Way.
We will be hanging them in the backyard when it's a bit nicer outside!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What do we do on a snow day?
Make PINK Mickey Mouse pancakes of course!!!!!
Peighton was a little sad when I told her there was no school was the "100th day" party in kindergarten!
So, when I offered to make "Mow-Cakes" (as preston calls them) it cheered her right up!
How can you not smile while eating Mouse shaped pancakes?

We pretended we were back at Disney.

Now we are onto school work and reading and lots of playing for the rest of our snow day!

Frosting playdough!

Preston and Peighton LOVE playdough.
They love it even more when it's edible.
We tried a new one over Christmas break and it was a hit!

Preston likes to shove all his dough into bowls and then make ME dig it out.
Peighton uses more of a baker's approach and flattens hers to make into "cookies."
He was SO MESSY.
We had fun playing with and eating this one.
Frosting playdough
1 can frosting
1 cup powdered sugar
Mix them together.
I had to use a LOT more than 1 cup.
Maybe more like 3 cups to get it not to be sticky.
I thought about adding flour too but then it might not have tasted very good!
I made sure to add extra powdered sugar to their cutting boards so it didn't stick.
They made a lovely mess and had a great time!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new challenge for ME!

I love pictures.
If you come to my house you won't see lots of expensive art on the walls.
You'll see lots and lots of pictures.
Pictures from all stages of my kids little lives.
Pictures of my family.
Pictures of Dustin's family.
Pictures of trips we've taken.
Pictures of us just living.
Pictures that I love to look at every single day.
I love TAKING the pictures which means I an not IN too many of the pictures.
I have a hard time handing my camera over to Dustin or anyone else for that matter because I know I can do it better! ;-)
I read my friend Kimberlee's Blog and I think I need to do THIS challenge.
The challenge is to actually BE IN more pictures with your kids.
I know I need to do better with this.
I want lots and lots of pictures for my kids to look back at and remember all the fun things we've done and tell lots of stories to thier kids.


I took a few this morning of me and my little buddy.
He was watching Mickey Mouse in my bed and I rudely interuppted him.
One of my favorite parts about Preston are his eyes.
There's so much expression in them!
I have a very cool screen that flips out on my camera.
I can turn the camera towards me and see what's on the screen-which is why Preston is looking off to the side...that's where the screen is and he can see himself!!!
He REALLY likes to see himself.
We had fun taking pictures of ourselves.
I'll take some with Peighton when she gets home from school today.
I think it will also be fun to let her take a few pictures too-I know she's going to love that!
I really like this challenge!
Can't wait to do more!
Thanks for the inspiration, Kimberlee!!!!!

Banana Oatmeal cups

Preston and I did a lot of baking during our Potty training boot camp.
We needed some projects to keep us from going crazy!
We tried out these Banana oatmeal cups today and they were really good.
Preston gobbled up two of them as soon as they were cooled off a bit!
The best part is they were super quick.
And  a great way to use up those last few bananas that no one wants to eat!
Banana Oatmeal cups
3 mashed bananas
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 T baking powder
3 cups Old Fashioned Oats
1 t vanilla
3 T mini chocolate chips
Mix everything together and muffin cups almost to the top.
Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.
It made about 16 muffin cups for me.
I'm going to try freezing a few of them if they last that long!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preston's John Deere Room

He's a tractor loving boy.
The obvious choice for his "big boy room" could only be

And lots of them.
I worked on a big John Deere quilt while Dustin was away at "Deer Camp."

He loves snuggling in at night under all that John Deere.

One of his favorite parts is his John Deere bookshelf!

I got these vinyl stick-ons off etsy.
They were a HUGE pain but they are so cute on his wall.

A few more tractors on his windows!

One of my favorite parts is this print I found on etsy.
We still need to get some actual furniture in there but it's a good start!