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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Frosting playdough!

Preston and Peighton LOVE playdough.
They love it even more when it's edible.
We tried a new one over Christmas break and it was a hit!

Preston likes to shove all his dough into bowls and then make ME dig it out.
Peighton uses more of a baker's approach and flattens hers to make into "cookies."
He was SO MESSY.
We had fun playing with and eating this one.
Frosting playdough
1 can frosting
1 cup powdered sugar
Mix them together.
I had to use a LOT more than 1 cup.
Maybe more like 3 cups to get it not to be sticky.
I thought about adding flour too but then it might not have tasted very good!
I made sure to add extra powdered sugar to their cutting boards so it didn't stick.
They made a lovely mess and had a great time!

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