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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow Day project for the birds!

I know some people hate snow days.
The kids are home being crazy, it's too cold and windy to go outside, the kids are being crazy....
I actually LOVE snow days.
Now that Peighton is in school every day I miss doing all our little projects with her.
Snow days are like little surprise bonus days that we get to spend together.
We chose a project today that both Peighton and Preston could do together.
We made cereal bird feeders to hang in the backyard.
I asked Peighton to make patterns out of the colors of cereal.
Preston was just working on his fine motor skills.
I love a project that makes both of them work at thier own level.
Look how hard he is concentrating!!!

She was making sure Preston didn't take any of "her colors."

Such a cheese.

Hope the birds like Cheerios, Fruit loops and Apple Jacks becasue that's what we had in the pantry!

Peighton thought they'd make a great necklace...."and if I needed a snack I could just take a bite!!!!!"

Silly faces!
They wanted to go right out and hang them up. 
I said No Way.
We will be hanging them in the backyard when it's a bit nicer outside!!!!!

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