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Monday, June 30, 2014

Our newest little guy!

We picked up our sweet little pup, Cy a few weeks ago!

The kids loved that he sat in his own seat on the way home.

Preston has been a good helper taking him out to go potty and helping feed him.

Peighton is a BIG helper too.

He loves his kennel in the garage.
This is often how we find him!

But he REALLY loves his Cyclone bed in the kitchen!

These two are buddies.
They play ball a lot!
Cy has even gone camping with us twice now!
He is the perfect little camping dog.
He's working hard on potty training...even though he has pooped in the house and in the camper we still love him!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hilton Head Island!

We took a fabulous trip to Hilton Head Island last week.
We spent most of our time on the the "biggest sandbox ever" according to Preston.
We left the house at 3:45 AM on Sunday morning.
These two look pretty good for that early in the morning!

Peighton and I rocked out in first class thanks to Dustin.
We stuck the boys in the back!

We walked to dinner each night which the kids thought was awesome.
"Cause we don't do that in the 'Chester."

Lots of fun drinks were tried on this trip.

We had some AMAZING pizza the first night we were there.

Peighton couldn't believe we had eaten the WHOLE thing!

Check out the awesomeness on Bubba's forehead.
That would be what happens when you pretend you are a snowplow with your head for about 20 minutes on Grandma's carpet...even though Mommy told you to stop...

These two loved the waves.
The water was just right for wading and swimming.
At low tide there were small tide pools with tiny fish in them.
Preston was certain he could catch them with his hands.

Preston was immediately covered in sand when we got to the beach each day.

Spiderman tried a little surfing.

He really liked it.

Until he fell off.

Peighton had a great time catching the waves.

There were LOTS of trips back and forth to the water with their buckets.

He was so proud of his creations each day!

There was a really neat area that had a couple rows of porch swings!
It was the perfect evening place to sit.

A walk on the beach was a  must each night.

We even made S'mores on the beach!

Classic family vacation picture.
I have now made my own children do it.

Mini golfing was really fun.
I even got a hole in one!

More fun drinks.
And Preston's head was looking better by this point.

We went on a super fun "Kid Cruise."
They got to throw out a crab net, pull up a crab trap, watch dolphins and go SHARK FISHING!!!

Peighton caught one but wouldn't go near it.

And neither would Preston.
Thank goodness for Dustin!

One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.
He is just cute.

More buckets.

He just worked so hard each day to make his sand piles.

Those two would sit out in the water together.
Sweetest thing ever.

This was our camp we (more accurately Dustin) set up each day.
It was perfect with two chairs, an umbrella, a cooler and lots of beach toys!

It was a very quiet ride home!

We had a great trip and would definitely go back some day!