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Friday, September 26, 2014

Annual pizza picnic in the truck!

One of their favorite parts of harvest is eating pizza in the back of Grandma Sue's truck.
Peighton has asked at least 10 times WHEN we get to do it.
Well, it finally happened!

Pizza, chips and Jell-O jigglers.
A dinner of champions.



Then they decided to use Grandma Sue's truck as a trampoline.
Pants were optional.

Lots of fun and giggles while they did their part to help with harvest!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's official...I'm a Soccer Mom

This boy got to start soccer last week.
He wears "Shin Gardens."
Yep, that's right.
Might be my favorite part.

On a side note, check out our crop of pumpkins!

He is a very serious soccer play.

They pretty much play as a herd and it's really fun to watch.

We can't wait for the next game this weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One last camping trip of the season

We took the camper out one last time before it gets put away for the winter.
We decided to try Lake Darling and it was fabulous!
We were right on the lake and our campsite had a dock right behind it.
We spent a lot of time there!

Peighton LOVES all the activities we do together while camping.
Coloring and beating me at card games are a few of her favorites.

Little Miss Adrian came to visit and had a blast playing with these two monkeys.

Yes, we encouraged the kids to play in the dog pen.
We got a few looks from people walking by...

Preston played in or on the red tub most of the time.

They love to fish with their daddy.

Check out the concentration on that boy.
Peighton on the other hand is "Chatty Cathy" most of the time.

He's going to make a great fishing partner for Dustin.

We caught lots of little ones which we expected since the lake was just reopened.

He cracks me up!

Even when the fish are little it's still exciting!

Lake Darling might be our new favorite place to camp.

Dustin was pretty surprised when she pulled this one out of the lake!
Pretty big for Lake Darling right now!
It was a great last camping trip of the season with lots of fishing, biking, fires and games.
We will for sure be going back next year hoping to catch even bigger ones!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Preston FINALLY got his first day of school!

Preston was supposed to start school last Monday....but then they let school out early due to the heat.
So, I had one sad little boy when his first day of school was cancelled!
We had our pictures all done and everything!
He was very excited he FINALLY got to wear his new shoes!

Peighton was very excited for his first day.
She has been telling him all about school for weeks now.

He is just so darn cute.
After the first day was a bust we tried again the next day!


When he gets there each day he has to find his bucket and do the activity inside it while everyone arrives.
He's always excited on the drive to school to find out what his bucket will hold!

The first day was one of our favorites: Play-doh and knives!
He is LOVING school and playing with is new buddies each day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A few more of the fair and the one and only Adventureland!

We took a one day break from the fair and went to Adventureland!

Always a cheese.
They loved the carousel.

The teacups!

Semi's are always a hit.
I lost count of how many times we rode them!

Preston was the only one who wanted lassoed!

Finally having fun on the boats!

Lots of giggling.

Preston took Mike on the bumper cars.
I think they both liked it.

 Grandma Sue got stuck with Peighton and her awesome driving skills!

Tea cups... Again.

The next day Grandma Sue did the fair with us.

Everyone was sitting...because they were we got a quick picture!

Giant slide professional.

Bubba did it again!
And still liked it!

And Hayden still hated it. ;-)

We milked a cow!

Grandpa does not enjoy the 4-H he found a bench to wait for us.

The kids had wanted to ride The 'Ol Mill all week so we did it with Grandma and Grandpa.
We thought the boat was going to tip over when ALL the adults sat on the same side of the boat!
With some quick rearranging we made it through!