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Monday, August 22, 2016

Preston Showed a bull and Peighton showed her heifer

About a month before the State Fair, Preston decided he wanted to show one of our bulls.

He had been given a sawed off show stick over the summer and was itching to put it to use.

Luckily we have a very tame and well behaved bull this year.

Peighton was going to show him but she agreed to let Preston give it a try.

He practiced with "Mr. Nelson" at home and was sure he could do it.

He told EVERYBODY he talked to about showing this guy on Friday.

He agreed to have "his assistant" Grandpa Dale, in the ring with him but he did just about everything on his own.

He did have to wear his sister's rhinestone harness which he was NOT happy about.
Probably time to get him his own.

He did such a good job.

I love this picture.
Dragging his bull around the ring with such confidence and drive.

Took his ribbon like a pro from his friend, Maddie, the beef princess.
His favorite part was that he beat Dustin in the ring.

The next day it was time for Peighton to show Princess Anna.

A few last minute words of encouragement from some of her biggest fans.

Maybe next year I'll be able to see her over the top!

Peighton did a great job showing Anna.
The judge gave her some nice compliments over the microphone about her showmanship skills.

She gets better each time she's in the ring.
She stood second in her class and went back in for the division champion.

Peighton had a great time and got to see some of her livestock friends.
She can't wait to do it again.

We're catching up on all the fair laundry and getting ready for school to start in a few days!

Nothing Compares to the Iowa State Fair!

We look forward to this for a whole year!

NOTHING compares to the great Iowa State Fair!

Watching the big boar contest is now an annual tradition.

Climbing on tractors is a favorite activity.

They can't wait to climb up these stairs each year...

And go zooming back down!

By the end of the fair Preston FINALLY decided he could do it himself.

And he didn't cry at the end.

We LOVED this new area of the fair!
Such a fun sculpture to see.

Annual cinnamon roll morning.
We need to buy MORE next year!

Who doesn't want a picture on a giant Leinenkugel's chair?

One of the super hot afternoons we went back down and played in the fountains on Pella Plaza.

I think this might have been Peighton's last year of doing Little Hands on the Farm.
She did parts of it with Preston but wanted no part of riding the tractors.

This kid still LOVED it!

We found even MORE cousins while at Little Hands on the Farm!

They decided they wanted to do the bungee/trampoline thing.
They both LOVED it and wanted to do it again!

Lots of flips in the air!

Favorite new shirt we found at the fair!

I lost count of how many corn dogs he actually ate.

Loved all these photo stands!

We love to find Fairfield and Rosetta walking around!

Preston got called on stage during the Thank a Farmer Magic Show!
He had so much fun!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Fun at the Washington County Fair 2016!

How much do we LOVE the fair?

The hay bales are always fun to see!

They were being pigs.

Loved the Charlotte's Web one!

An evening at the Tractor pull is always a favorite!

My little Clover kid got to show a lamb this year.
She was VERY excited and enjoyed learning about them at the Wagner's this summer.

She got to show "Mickey."

She did a great job and says she wants one next year.

One of the best parts this year was the Clydesdale horses on display.
We can't wait to find them at the State Fair where they will have some of their babies.


Usually, I have a No Carnival policy.
There's lots of reasons why...

But we caved and did the slide this year.
They claimed they needed to prep for the giant slide at the State Fair.

We loved the addition of piglets at Little Hands on the Farm this year!

When your Grandpa is on the Fair Board you jump on and take a ride to Orscheln's to get bedding and stop at the gas station to get a drink.

And you also go to the Depot and get a popsicle.

Future Fair Board members.
They had to help set up for the money scramble.

They all love the Pedal Pull.

We loaded up all the grandkids (minus the newest one) and rode the train!
It was a very fun and loud ride!

Our awesome little Clover Kid graduated!

They each had to say their favorite part of Clover Kids.
Peighton's was showing a lamb!

2016 County Fair is in the books!
Next we are off to the State Fair and we can't wait!!!!!