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Monday, August 22, 2016

Nothing Compares to the Iowa State Fair!

We look forward to this for a whole year!

NOTHING compares to the great Iowa State Fair!

Watching the big boar contest is now an annual tradition.

Climbing on tractors is a favorite activity.

They can't wait to climb up these stairs each year...

And go zooming back down!

By the end of the fair Preston FINALLY decided he could do it himself.

And he didn't cry at the end.

We LOVED this new area of the fair!
Such a fun sculpture to see.

Annual cinnamon roll morning.
We need to buy MORE next year!

Who doesn't want a picture on a giant Leinenkugel's chair?

One of the super hot afternoons we went back down and played in the fountains on Pella Plaza.

I think this might have been Peighton's last year of doing Little Hands on the Farm.
She did parts of it with Preston but wanted no part of riding the tractors.

This kid still LOVED it!

We found even MORE cousins while at Little Hands on the Farm!

They decided they wanted to do the bungee/trampoline thing.
They both LOVED it and wanted to do it again!

Lots of flips in the air!

Favorite new shirt we found at the fair!

I lost count of how many corn dogs he actually ate.

Loved all these photo stands!

We love to find Fairfield and Rosetta walking around!

Preston got called on stage during the Thank a Farmer Magic Show!
He had so much fun!

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