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Friday, November 21, 2014

Birthday Bowling!

Peighton chose to take a few friends bowling for her birthday this year.
We all had lots of fun!
The girls went back and forth using the ramp and just rolling it.
There were only a few balls that had to be rescued because they didn't make it all the way down!

Bowling buddies.

Preston chose not to use the ramp and he did pretty well!

After bowling we went for pizza!

Preston got to bring one of his preschool buddies along and they had so much fun!
It was funny to hear the conversations that went on between the two of them.
And they only bugged the girls occasionally.

We had to blow out at least one candle to make it an official birthday party!

She requested hot chocolate for her birthday breakfast.

And of course cinnamon rolls with a candle!

We have been taking pictures with this bear every year on her birthday.
We both love to look through all the pictures and how she has changed!

Cy and Preston don't like to be left out.


We had a great day celebrating all things Peighton.
We went out for Mexican, watched a movie, played in the snow and played games.
It was a great 8th birthday!

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