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Monday, February 21, 2011

A new bag for Spring!

I love a new bag. 
Especially when it's bright and springy and big enough for everything a mommy needs!
Oh and it's got to be cute too.

Here is my new bag:

Definately cute and springy and seeing how it's as wide as my chair it is for sure big enough!
That's my favorite chair too if you were wondering.

I got this pattern (and 2 others) from The Tiny Seamstress .  Love her patterns and her blog is super cute!
She has a lot of very fun girly bag patterns. 
This was The Darling Bag and it was pretty easy to make. Although I could probably make a bag with my eyes closed by now-I LOVE bags.  There were no zippers or anything crazy to put in though.

So, although I really love my JuJu Be messenger bag that I use as my diaper bag, I will be throwing this one in every now and then too! 
There are far too many cute bags out there to use just one!


  1. You make the CUTEST STUFF. Love it.

  2. Do you get email deals(like Groupon)? There is a deal today for a fun fabric site.... I thought of you and all of your craftiness. I think I need to take actual sewing classes.... I just try to wing it which limits my scope of possible projects:)

  3. Kelly-I do but I have not seen that one today! I will go look it up!

    That is exactly why I bought it Erin-I LOVE ruffles!

  4. And Kelly, tell me what you want to make and I can probably help you. Sewing is not rocket science. ;-)