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Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Rockin Dress-for ME!

Amazing what a few days locked up in your house will produce.  For me, it has meant going through my bin of unused patterns, then trying to find enough fabric to make it!  Then of course finding the time to make it in between making breakfast, lunch, snacks, playing games, wiping up baby puke, doing puzzles, wiping up baby puke again, making get the idea.

When Joann's/Hobby Lobby, etc has patterns on sale for $.99 I buy a bunch thinking "Maybe someday I will make that."  Can't beat $.99.

My someday came for Simplicity 2401 today.  Such cute halter dress/pantsuit options!  Now I am not a pant suit kind of gal, but I may or may not have worn a very similar white polyester pantsuit to a house party in college with an Austin Powers theme. ;-)   I doubt I ever make the pantsuit but I do love halter dresses!

I made the short version of Dress "B."
Since we are homebound due to the weather, my options for fabric was kind of limited.  I needed a fabric that I had at least 2 1/2 yards of and I didn't want to use something I really loved when making this for the first time.  If it turned out to be an epic failure I didn't want to be sad that I had ruined a favorite fabric!

So, I chose an Alexander Henry fabric that I like, not love, but it's doable.  And it was one of the few that I had 2 1/2 continuous yards!

Here is how it turned out.  It's quite loud-I knew it would be.  But it's kinda fun too.

Once again, pastey-white-girl is not modeling yet!
I love the middle part-it's  a completely separate section and very fitted.  Looks great on and I CANNOT WAIT to wear it!  Melt snow, Melt!

I am for sure making this one again in some better fabric. I think it would be great in knit too-love knit.

I will admit I left out the invisible zipper.  I just wasn't in the mood to do it and there is a bit of elastic across the back so I decided to try it without.  I tried on the top part before it was all sewn together to make sure it would be ok and it's fine without!  Score.  Didn't have to frustrate myself with a zipper today!


Ok, so I loved this dress so much that I whipped out another one. Yes, I am crazy.  I like this one even more than the first one!  A. because it's black and white (LOVE black and white anything) and B. I did this one in knit-fab.U.lous.
And guess what-I have the most adorable black heels for this one too!

I changed a one thing this time:
In the pattern, the front and back of the skirt have a seam down the middle-didn't love this so I made it one piece for the front and one piece for the back.  It's not quite as noticable in the black and white one but it made a difference to me!

I think  my next project is to combine the middle part of this one with the top of another pattern.  I really love how the middle part is fitted-the skirt does not start until the hip area.  But I don't always want the halter part of this dress. Sooooooo, I am going to combine a couple of patterns to make the perfect dress for ME! 
I'll let you know how it goes!!!! ;-)


  1. Love the Henry Alexander fabric!!!

  2. I was just thinking that I need to make myself a halter dress for PR in a few weeks. I'll have to make my weekly stop at JA's tomorrow for the pattern! Love the knit idea!