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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boys Romper!

I am finding that making things for my little guy is SO FUN!

Making stuff for girls is easy. 
There are a million and one different things to make for girls.
Dresses, skirts, leggings, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, little girly toys, blankets and on and on and on.
I have probably made most of them. And loved every ruffle and bow that I sewed.

But it's quite a challenge to find something cute for the little boys.
Things that aren't actually for girls but they made it in a "boyish" fabric and tried to pass it off as "this is for boys too!"
Nope.  Not buyin it. You can't fool me.

When I saw this tutorial for a BOYS romper I just about squealed with excitement! 
I love dressing Preston in knit one piece rompers.
Makes changing diapers super fast and they don't ride up like t-shirts do.
Had to have one. NOW.

My grand plan is to take these:

and make them into this style of outfit.
How much do I love the middle one that says
"I farm. You eat."
I'm thinking that even the orange striped Polo one might make a good summer romper.

Anyway, I had this pattern for a raglan T that I've used a few times for shirts for Peighton.
It's cute and I like the raglan style.
So, I used that one instead of the one that is used in the tutorial.

Here is what my process looked like (and it was actually pretty quick!):

I used the raglan pattern to do the top part and then layed down one of Preston's 6-12 month rompers from the Gymboree under the pattern to get the leg part right.

These are my front and back pieces.
I also saved some long strips that were scraps from cutting the big pieces. 
At this point I wasn't sure how I was going to do the leg openings and thought those might come in handy-they did!

The arms were cut right from the raglan pattern as well as the neckline.
Then I put it together according to the directions.

I hemmed the front part of the leg opening.
For the back, I attached one of those strips folded in half. I might do this for the front next time as well.
We'll see how this one turns out!

So far it is perfect, the legs are a bit long according to the gymboree romper but I do still have to hem them.
That will be last after the snaps are added.

Which brings me to my next step...but I don't have snap pliers!
I do have a snap press, but it applies colored resin snaps and I really want the metal ones for this.
Guess I have to go to the store!!!

I will update with a picture of my little guy wearing this once I get the snaps on!

I think when I make another one, I am going to use a solid color for the body part and the printed one for the sleeves. 
Then I am thinking I could do some sort of applique/shape/letter on the front in the same fabric as the sleeves.

Got my snapping tool.
Went to work attaching snaps...with this crazy tool....and a hammer.

There were a lot of words I don't normally say spoken as I proceeded to try to put these snaps on!
I ruined quite a few of the snap pieces before getting it right-good thing I bought plenty!
I must say I have a newfound appreciation for all onesies, rompers, etc that have snaps on them!

I made a big mistake with the very first snap I put on.
I put it on the opposite way that I intended to put it on....which led to swear word # 1.

Once you put a snap on though you're kind of commited and I couldn't change it.
So, I just went with it and continued knowing that it was going to be backwards!

Many tries later and quite a few of the pieces tossed into my trash can I did get it finished and then hemmed the bottom.
It is cute.
And I'm probably the only one that will actually see the mistakes.

This picture is not much different than the last, but the legs are done.
I need to put it on my little guy and then take a picture!

The next one will be better.
I just found the pliers I wanted at Amazon!  They look MUCH easier to use than my hammer thing!
I can't wait to make another!

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