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Monday, February 7, 2011

Ouchie Bag

Anyone else's kid addicted to band-aids?  Mine is.  There aren't too many days around here where we don't require at least one (probably more) band-aids to make the ouchie go away. 

I saw the idea for an "ouchie bag" somewhere-really can't remember where, I should bookmark these things!

Pretty simple though, and a great beginning sewing project!

2 scraps of fabric (5 x 5 to be exact)
Extra fabric, buttons, pretty things, etc  for embellishments

Put your 5 x 5 squares right sides together.

Sew around the edge leaving about a 2 inch opening for turning and for filling with rice.

Turn it right side out.


Fill with rice.  Don't stuff it full-then you won't be able to sew it shut!

After you have the rice in, sew the opening closed, making sure to backstitch at both the start and the stop.

I used a scrap of minky on one side-I thought that would be soft on the ouchie.
And yes, I know that the heart is not crafty little helper wanted it "right there." Ok, whatever.

Now, leave it in the freezer and use it multiple times a day to help the Ouchies go away!!!!

Peighton is loving hers.  She gets it out of the freezer quite frequently for all of her ouchies....and all of her drama. ;-)

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