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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new dress for Peighton

My inspiration for this dress came from Me Sew Crazy. I ADORE her blog.  So many fun things to make!

This little number caught my eye and I could not stop thinking about it!  I do love orange and blue so that might have helped a little.  That bow in the middle is simple lovely though.

I did not use her pattern, I had another similar one already cut out and I didn't want to print out another one. So, it's very similar and I'm sure her pattern is great, I just used my own.
I did not like how the arms are finished though.  Next time I might use some bias tape made out of the main fabric or something else.

I loved the bow in the middle and the classy little pleats in the skirt of it.  We had to have one.

Here is what ours looks like:

I simply adore the belt and bow in the center. fabulous.
The buttons down the back are pretty great too.

And since Miss Peighton will ONLY wear dresses I am sure this one is going to get worn a lot!

I think I am going to make another one with the classic "school-girl" pleats on the skirt for lots of twirling fun!
Or maybe add some pockets, or a sweet little apron. 
So many options!

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