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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cookie Cutter Painting

Yes, another painting activity.  The girl loves to paint. 
And so we paint.

Today, we busted out some of my hundreds of cookie cutters-no joke.  I had a bridal shower where everyone had to bring a cookie cutter along with thier gift. I pretty much have any cookie cutter we could ever need!

We chose a whole lot of SPRING cookie cutters (and some random lips) because we are really looking forward to spring.  Yesterday, Peighton showed me a spot where "there's no snow so we can probably get my pool out tomorrow."  Ummmm....not yet my friend.

This one's pretty simple.  All you need:
Cookie Cutters
Paint (we used finger paint)
Some big paper
Paper Plate

Spread the paint on the plate and let em go!

This is great for making your own wrapping paper-what Grandma wouldn't LOVE that!!!

 She was displaying the Lips cutter here.  We should have used those for Valentine's cookies!

 We spread the paint a bit on the plate to make it better for dipping.

Love the Springy prints she made!

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