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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I can! I CAN sew for boys!!!!

So many friends with sweet little boys are always asking....

"When are you going to start doing boy stuff?"

Well, boy stuff is HARD!

It's so easy to do girly stuff.
Fabric is girly.
Ribbon, lace and ruffles are girly.
Not to mention fun.
The boy stuff I have tried in the past has usually ended up looking like something girly...but in blue!
Or with airplanes, robots, get the idea!

But today, I made some adorable jammies for my little guy.
And they are cute.
Surprisingly easy too!

I would have liked to use a contrast fabric for the cuffs and the neck trim but I didn't have any today!
And since I decided to do this project about 5 minutes before naptime there just wasn't any time!!!
So I just used the same fabric for the trim.

I did have a tiny bit of brown ribbing that I used for the waistband so I didn't have to do an elastic waistband and I really like how that turned out!
I think it will be quite comfy too.
Wish I would have had more of the ribbing-just another reason to head to the craft store.

I like this style of shirt a lot for little ones.
Since there isn't an actual neck it makes dressing them so easy.
Preston HATES to get dressed/changing clothes, etc.
He does not like things pulled over his head.
I think this  might make it just a little bit better for him!

This was my trial run.
 I have many more to make seeing as how my little man is getting low in the jammie department!
Next time I will take pictures and make a little tutorial-it was really quite easy and I would love to share!

As I was making it I was thinking of all the ways it could be super girly too.
Wouldn't a tiny little ruffle be adorable in the seam between the leg cuff and the leg!
Sure would!

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  1. These are so cute! Boy stuff sure is a lot harder to sew!