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Thursday, March 31, 2011

We heart PEEPS!

Peighton shares my love for peeps.
We both get excited when we see them in the store!

Today, we decided to make "Peep Pops."
I've seen this done in several different ways on many different blogs.
They are adorable no matter how you do it!

We made Rice Krispie Bars and cut them into squares after they cooled.
Then I sliced a Peep in half....and we proceeded to eat the backside of each peep....

I melted some pink chocolate leftover from another project and we used that as our "glue" to stick the Peep to the Rice Krispie.
And of course, nothing is complete without sprinkles around here!
We put sticks in them just for fun but they could be made without.

She sprinkled until she thought they were "cute enough."

And here's what we got!

Super cute.
And of course super yummy!

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