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Friday, March 11, 2011

Soft Stacking Baby Blocks

Before Preston was born, I made adorable stacking blocks from the leftover fabric I did his room in.

They are 5 sided so that they can be stacked inside one another, on top of one another, etc.
They also have cute little ribbons on the tops for chewing, grabbing, gnawing on...

As I was making them I pictured him and his sister spending time stacking them up and then knocking them down.
I pictured her showing him how they all fit inside one another;
putting them in order from biggest to smallest;
filling them with all sorts of treasures.

Last night at story time the blocks were brought out from their basket.
And here is what took place:

They became helmets for both of my sweet babies as thier daddy flung fabric blocks at them!
This was one thing I did NOT envision!

But everyone was laughing, dodging the blocks and having a great time.

Guess this is what happens when Daddy is home for story time!

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