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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make Your Getaway Duffle!

I love bags.

Doesn't matter what kind.
Diaper bag.

You get the picture.

So, when I saw this duffle bag pattern I was in love!!!!!
I went to work immediately!
Ok, after I went to the store and bought the 24" zipper.

I used some of my favorite Amy Butler LOVE Home Decor fabric. 
I've had it for awhile and just didn't know what to do with it.
Maybe my fabric hoarding isn't such a bad thing!

It turned out FABULOUSLY!!!!!

I did add "D" rings to the sides to make a shoulder strap-this was not in the pattern, but I think I will find it useful when I tote this around.
The strap is not in the picture though because I forgot to buy the hooks when I was at the store!
Oh well.

And let's just take note of my fantastic zipper installation below!!!!!
I may or may not have had to rip out a seam or two while perfecting this but the point is I did a fabulous job on it!
The bag is fully lined on the inside with a cotton print (forgot to take a picture of that!).
I did not use any interfacing though.
It's pretty sturdy since I used Home Dec fabric on the outside.
I wanted it to be very lightweight, packable and foldable for the upcoming trips that we are going on.
Sometimes I think interfacing just adds unwanted weight.
There is also a smaller size included in this pattern that I am going to make next.
I think it would make a cute little set for traveling!
The pattern was very easy, didn't have a lot of pieces and seemed to have good directions.
I will admit I did it my own way once the pieces were cut out. 
I just can't seem to follow directions-makes me wonder how I was ever a teacher!!!!
I did the zipper differently own way!
But I'm sure following her directions would have been just fine.
I would highly recommend trying out this pattern-it is really cute and I can't wait to use it...and make another one!

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