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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dr Seuss Playroom

I am so excited to finally have our playroom DONE...until I find other cute things to do to it....
I chose a Dr Seuss theme because I LOVE Dr Seuss.
And it's pretty gender neutral and not super girly!
I found some ideas on pinterest and just used my crazy craftiness to come up with the other things!
I made a pennant out of scraps from some of the other projects.
I used Mod-Podge to put fabric onto the clipboards.
These are a great way to display all the stuff that comes home from school EVERY day!
Currently, it's some fingerpaintings of Preston's though.
One of my favorite parts of the room are the quotes on big canvases!
I love fun quotes from Dr Seuss.
I got the vinyl letters from Amazon.
I think each quote was around $9.00.
After I painted the canvas I just stuck them on.
They seem to be staying quite well even though they are supposed to be stuck on the wall.

I also bought some unfinished frames at Hobby Lobby-I think they were $5.00.
I am NOT an artist.
So I did simple polka dots and stripes!

This one is my favorite with the chevron!

I used Amy Butler's giant pillow pattern to make these for our reading corner.
The design is very simple but those "petal" things were super frustrating!!!
You stuff all the petals first and then sandwich them between the outer layers to sew it all together.
It was just a whole lot of "stuff" under my sewing machine!

Such a comfy spot to curl up with a  good book!

I picked up this alphabet rug at Target.
It fits in perfectly!
Peighton likes to play "school" on it.

One whole wall is filled with these open shelves.
They are wonderful but I can't stand seeing all the toys everywhere!!!!!!
I had to do something.
I bought a bunch of plain black tubs at Bed Bath and Beyond and made a simple slipcover for them.

They turned out really cute and help organize things.
Eventually, I will be having doors made for some of the shelves but for now these tubs work great!

And what's a playroom without an alphabet!

I bought unfinished letters at Hobby Lobby and did more polka dots and stripes.
I love how they turned out.
Dustin was NOT excited to hang all 26 of them....and it took a couple of tries and holes in the wall  to get it right.
It's much harder than it looks to hang 26 things in a similar way!!!!!
I think this winter we'll be painting it a brighter color.
There's not much natural light in there and it needs brightening up!
The kids and I love how it turned out!
We spend lots of time in our happy little playroom!

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