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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A fall tradition

We have been enjoying the last few nice days of fall before it starts getting cold.
We don't have very many big trees in our yard.
 Mom was nice enough to rake hers up at the office for the kids to play in!
It was a bit windy but much better than last year when it was bitterly cold while we played in the leaves.
Peighton jumped right in.

Preston said they tickled him.

But he got over that pretty quickly and spent some time getting "duck" in the leaves.

His facial expressions crack me up!

He was such a dirty little boy!

There was lots of running and jumping.

And a little relaxing.

Even Zoe made a trip to the office to play in the leaves.
Although she did get buried a few times.
Hopefully we can go play again before they get blown away!

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