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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Iowa State Fair - Round One...

We had a fun filled long weekend in Des Moines!

Adventureland, Blank Park Zoo and The STATE FAIR all in one weekend!!!!

I love seeing it through Peighton and Preston's eyes.

Peighton is old enough that she is starting to have things she "Must do" at the fair.
The Giant Slide is always at the top of her list.

We always find the little dairy calf to pet.

Giant ice cream cones are scattered throughout the fair this year.
Preston was trying to take a bite here.
Peighton jumped out of the stroller for  a picture with this one because it was COVERED in rhinestones.

Dustin, Peighton and Preston took a ride on the giant slide.
Preston didn't know what was coming...

Be sure to take note of Preston's face and hand position in this picture...
I'm not sure if Peighton will get him up there again!
Peighton on the other hand...she now carries her own mat up the stairs and just meets us at the bottom!

Preston LOVED eating a funnel cake last year.
So, we had a little snack Friday afternoon.
He wouldn't take his eyes off the funnel cake long enough for a picture...probably thought Peighton would steal it!

We went back Saturday and caught one of our favorite shows, the "Thank a Farmer Magic show."
Peighton loves it.
And it's educational too!
Did you know every time you eat a turkey sandwich at Subway you are supporting Iowa's poultry producers?
We learned that at the Thank a farmer show!

I'm pretty sure their favorite part of the whole weekend was hanging out in the pig barn with our friends, the Heillers.

Preston liked being in the pig pens.

Peighton said she would show a pig...."IF she could have this... in pink."

And she was even working on herdsmanship keeping the aisles clean!

We can't wait to go back next weekend!

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