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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day one of the babies

Last week Preston lost his buddy, Peighton.
This week he gained two new buddies:
Hayden and Lane.
("Hay-Zane" according to Preston)
I won't say he LOVED the first morning....
The first meltdown happened when we had to walk Peighton to the bus.
I pulled the double jogging stroller over to load the babies up.
Preston sat in one of the seats and would NOT get out.
Eventually he did decide he would like to walk and gave his seat to Lane.
Then he didn't want to walk back to the house so I had to carry him and push the babies.
I should have let him back in the stroller and carried little Lane!
When we got inside it was time to feed Hayden and Lane their oatmeal.
I have two booster seats that Preston USED to use and hasn't sat in for at least 3 months.
Well, today, he didn't want ANYONE else to sit in them.
So, the second meltdown took place when I put Hayden in the highchair that clips onto the counter.
He had real tears for this one.
Cried the ENTIRE time I fed them.
Good times.
They had a little more playtime and we put them down for a nap.
I decided to make something new for Preston and maybe he wouldn't be quite so sad!
I mixed vegetable oil, water and a little paint in a clean mayo jar.
I also super glued the lid shut!

He thought it was pretty cool.
I told him it was only for big boys.
He keeps turning it different ways to watch it seperate.
I think we need another one with glitter!

Love it when something cheap and easy and quick makes my boy happy!

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