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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Her first day of Kindergarten...

I cannot believe the day finally came.
Peighton has been religiously counting down ever since we went to the "meet the teacher" afternoon.


Today was the day.
She is officially a kindergartener.

And oh my was she EXCITED.

This was her first day of a little Kids Day Out program and the first time she went to "school."

And here is her first day of kindergarten:

She was just bursting with excitement.

She put her bag away and sat down and got to work like she owned the place.

Pretty sure she's going to like school.

I probably should have taken a few pictures of Preston from today.
He sat in the backseat of the car and whined for "Issy" for about 20 minutes after we left the school.
Then about every 10 minutes after that he must have remembered she wasn't with us...because he would ask for her.
So sad.
Maybe tomorrow will be better for the little guy.
Or maybe we'll just buy a new tractor.


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