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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Kitty Room!

Peighton has been LOVING Hello Kitty lately.
I kinda like her too.
We decided to do a much needed room makeover during Christmas break.
It is SO MUCH cuter!!!!!


Dustin painted her room a light pink.
It was green on the bottom and yellow on top with a weird "wave" connecting the two.
It looks MUCH better now!
I designed the quilt (there was A LOT of math involved!!!!) and we love how it turned out!
A little Hello Kitty, zebra, chevron and hot pink and black minky.
It's C-U-T-E!
I also ordered some Hello Kitty artwork from a seller on etsy.

I painted a bag canvas hot pink and put the vinyl picture top of that.
It's BIG and looks great on the wall.
I did a quick valance for the window out of the leftovers.
I also made a pennant out of the scraps and reused her name letters that were originally in her BABY ROOM!
Peighton loves it and so do I!
We have also added a very cute Hello Kitty clock too!

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