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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Trip to the Dominican Republic

Dustin and I got to take a quick trip to the Dominican Republic...
WITHOUT kids!!!!
We had a great time and had some fun adventures.
We chose to swim with dolphins for our "excursion."
On past trips we've always chosen a trip to the spa but this time we decided to try something new.
Swimming with the dolphins was so much fun!

Our dolphin was "Don Juan."
He danced with us, kissed, jumped over us and swam with us holding onto their fins!
I think when the kids are a bit older I'd love to do it with them.

Don Juan was a great dance partner.

I also bought the video of our time with the dolphins but it's really not very pretty.
I do not like salt water in my eyes or mouth so every time the dolphin swam with me I had my eyes and mouth squeezed shut!
The kids like watching it...they've watched it about 100 times already and they don't seem to mind my facial expressions!
 We also got to see a bird show while at the dolphin place:

They didn't seem to get along and were quite loud.

This one had a grocery consisted of liquor,

and another bottle of liquor.
We also got a "welcome kiss" from a sea lion.
His nose reminded me of a pig.
In our room was two bottles of "Mamajuana," a local drink, two bottles of vanilla, and a box of cocoa.
We haven't tried the Mamajuana yet but the cocoa made some yummy cookies this afternoon!

I got to use one of my cute beach bags while I sat on the beach.
I also managed to finish TWO books in  between the pina coladas!

Peighton told me "I missed you while you were gone....but I wasn't sad because we had donuts!"

Can't wait for our next trip!

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