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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Take Flight Handbag

Amy Butler's Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags
I've checked another bag from this book off my list!
I tried out the "Take Flight" handbag and it turned out really cute!
I had filed this one away as something I'd never make.
This oversized flower/fan thing on the front of the bag was just not for me.

But I kept coming back to the pattern.
Over and over again.
I finally decided if I left that part off I'd probably like the bag.
And I do!
I've had this bright, cheery chevron in my stash for awhile now and hadn't found it's purpose.
It's purpose has now been found!

It's a nice medium sized bag which is good...I've made a lot of LARGE bags lately!

Of course I had to add a little flower!
My little helper thought he should have his picture taken too.
His facial expressions CRACK ME UP!!!!!
Look at that raised eyebrow!
I'm glad I tried it out.
It's a good sized bag and has a zipper too!
It might make a nice carry on bag someday soon to a tropical destination!!!

On a side note, I think my chair in this picture needs a funky new seat cushion!
That might be my next project.....maybe in a little chevron???
This chair has quite a history.
It was originally my grandmother's chair.
Growing up, it sat in my parent's living room.
When Dustin and I got married, it went along with us to our very first house in Nebraska.
It has moved with us to each new house since then.
From Nebraska to North Carolina to Indiana and then to Iowa.
This chair is well-traveled!!!!
I have sat and rocked both of my sweet babies in this chair too.
I think it's the only piece of furniture that has been in ALL of our houses.
It's been like a little piece of home wherever we have moved.
I think it deserves a little face lift, don't you?!

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