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Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter F-U-N!!!!

We went from playing in the puddles a few weeks ago to playing in the snow again!
It was a really nice day to play in the snow with no wind and it wasn't super cold either-my kind of playing in the snow!!!!!
The kids got an inflatable sled for Christmas and we finally got to use it!

Peighton could sled all day.

I LOVE Preston's face in this picture!
He looks like he is planning something...

When he walks up the hill he looks like he is climbing a mountain.

We also took a little walk along the trees and looked for animal tracks.

Peighton never misses an opportunity to pose... ;-)

Then we had to go check on the newest additions to our house.....3 kitties!
They live out in the barn with "Heifer," as Preston calls her.
We have:
and Giddy-Mow-Mow. (My personal favorite.)

This would be Giddy-Mow-Mow.
He is the friendliest so far and the kids like to follow him around!

She was "being a cat..."

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