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Friday, February 8, 2013

How many bags does it take for one night?

How many bags does it take for one night away from home?
The answer....A LOT!!!
This is my happy little helper this morning...still in his jammies.

And here's my pile of bags.
So glad I have lots of really large bags!
The middle bag is Amy Butler's Sunday Sling-it's huge and makes a great swim bag.
The blue one has snacks in it for the car.
It's also an Amy Butler pattern out of a book but I can't remember the name of the bag.
The bag on the left is an Anna Maria Horner pattern.
It's a great bag with lots of pockets which is why it's our car activity bag!
We'll be going on our little roadtrip by ourselves.
So, I thought I should have lots of things for the kids to do while I am driving...besides shout at each other and fight over toys!
Peighton is an awesome traveler.
I think it's because the two of us used to load up and drive back and forth from Indiana to Iowa by ourselves which is at least a 6 hour trip.
Preston, on the other hand, is the
complete opposite.
He can be quite high maintenence in the backseat!
Which makes Peighton mad and she starts yelling at him and it all goes downhill from there very quickly.
Here are some of the things inside our Activity Bag:

I saw this on Pinterest but can't find the exact link.
I sewed a strip of fabric down the left side of 4 ziploc bags making the binding for our books.
It was NOT easy sewing those 4 bags together!!! They were all over the place!

Inside the books I put words for Peighton to read to me along with numbers and shapes for her to work on.
I like that I can open the ziploc and add words when needed.
Preston's is full of Thomas stickers, Spiderman, shapes and animals.


I also went to Wal-mart and bought cookie sheets for $.92!!!!!
I'm pretty sure a  $.92 cookie sheet is NOT going to make good cookies but it does make a fabulous tray for the car!
It's lightweight and it's magnetic.
I got some magnetic clips for holding thier papers and some new colored pencils, stencils, and stickers.
I have lots more ideas for these little cookie sheets.
I just need more time to make all of them!
I also found a box of wooden magnetic trains for Preston to play with.
He hasn't seen them yet but I know he's going to love them!
Hopefully they stay happy and busy in the backseat and we keep the fighting to a minimum!

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