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Friday, September 28, 2012

Pajama pants for the boy!

So, I went through Preston's dresser drawers this week...
and discovered that he still had a bunch of 18 month clothes in there (oops)...
and that for some reason I have a bunch of 3T pajamas but only a few size 2T!!!!
Must have skipped getting 2T's on my shopping trips.
I went to my box of "I know these old shirts will be good for something" shirts and got to work!
Growing Up Sew Liberated: Making Handmade Clothes and Projects for Your Creative Child
I used the pajama pants pattern out of my "Sew Liberated" sewing book.
It's a quick and simple one that I've used quite a bit.
In about 20 minutes I had 2 new pairs of jammie pants for my boy!
I love the stripes!
There is a matching shirt pattern too in the book, but one men's shirt isn't enough to make both pants and a shirt.
So, we'll just use a t-shirt to go with them!

One thing I always do when I make pants for my kids is to add a little tag of ribbon in the back.
It helps them figure out which is the back and encourages independent dressing!

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