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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reusable Snack Bags

Once again my box of scraps is out of control.
I think it multiplies when I shut the light off.
A few months ago I  made Peighton and Preston a couple of reusable snack bags.
I thought they were cute but did not know just how much we would actually use them!!!!
I made Preston's out of some leftover John Deere fabric.
He likes his "Dactor Nacks" (Tractor snacks) packed whenever we go anywhere.
To the grocery store, grandma's house, church, target, the mall...doesn't matter where we're going he NEEDS his "dactor nacks!"
I made another one for his little cousin this summer when we went to the dells and I've heard that he likes it just as much as Preston!
So, when my scrap box started to overflow last week I decided to whip up a bunch of snack bags to take to the Itsy Bitsy!
I took a few in awhile back and they have sold out of them.
I think a lot of mommies might be sending these in lunches with thier kiddos!
Peighton loves the Hello Kitty one!
It matches some jammie pants I made her a few weeks ago!

These are just a few more!
I even found some hawkeye fabric and made a few hawkeye bags!
They are super simple to make and there are a million tutorials out there on how to make them.
It's a couple of squares with some velcro in it-google it if you want to make some!
None of mine are the same size because I just cut squares out of whatever I have.
I love a quick and easy project that is cute and useful too!

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