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Monday, September 24, 2012

Chalk this one up as "Best Day Ever" for Preston

Preston got "the call" this morning.
Grandpa, (Otherwise known as Ba-Pa) needed him to ride in the combine with him.
Preston has been waiting and waiting and waiting.
He's been practicing with his toy combine so he'd be ready when the time came.
He climbed right up and got in his seat.
I've always ridden with him before but it was obvious this time that there was no "woom" for mommy!
He had his drink and snack and his Grandpa by his side.
He looked so big sitting in his own seat!!!!

I think he was watching the wagon go by here.


I KNOW he was paying close attention every time they unloaded on the go!
He likes to watch the corn fill up the back window and then see it dump into the wagon.
I hung around for awhile and took a few pictures.
But I got a little bored....
I have a nifty little screen on my camera that flips out so I can take my own picture...
So I did.
I sat on the side of the gravel road for awhile and tried to keep the dust out of my eyes while I took pictures.
Then after an hour of taking pictures and playing on Facebook and Pinterest I decided to go back to the office.
It was clear Preston was not taking a short ride.
I finally went back to get him about lunch time.
One happy little boy got out of the combine and we went to have "wunch" with "ma-maw."
Best. Day. Ever. for my little guy!

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