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Friday, September 14, 2012

Toddler "Squish Bags"

I love making stuff for my kids.
It's just fun to see thier faces light up!
I read on Pinterest about putting cheap hair gel and random objects into ziploc bags for toddlers to explore.
I knew Preston would LOVE this one.
I went to the Dollar General and grabbed some super cheap hair gel and found some critters in their halloween section too!
Oh my, did he ever enjoy this one!

We squished it and squished it and squished it!

And we talked about the colors and the "Swiiiiii-my" (slimy) bugs in there and we counted them and then he pretended that they were biting him and giggled hysterically!
We definately enjoyed this and I know I'm going to be
 looking for other fun things to put in our next bags!

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