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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Baby Shower

Peighton and I had such a fun time throwing my Sister in Law, Katy, a

Thing One and Thing Two

Baby shower!

She is having one girl and one boy so it was fun to do a shower that wasn't all pink or blue!

We made a super cute diaper cake.
I topped it with blue tissue paper to make it look a bit like thing one and thing two!

On one of the tables I made bouquets out of burp clothes and baby spoons!
I rolled up the burp cloth very tight, taped it with clear packing tape and then taped a spoon to the back.
So simple and quick!
I also wrapped it in tulle and tied ribbon around the base of it.
It was so cute sitting in my little polka dot pails!

The farmyard duck bath toys I found at Hobby Lobby.
We ended up coming home with two sets of ducks that day because Peighton thought we should have the ducks at our house too.

We made a little clothesline and hung Thing One and Thing Two onesies from it!
Can't wait to see them wear these!

Peighton loved the cupcakes, of course!
I was initially going to top them with blue cotton candy-to look like the hair of Thing one and thing two-but I was afraid it would melt right off and not look cute at all.
So, we just did some yummy red velvet cupcakes and bright blue frosting-still cute!

We had feet, bottle and onesie cookies too!

I was even able to find some Thing One and Thing Two fabric and made a set of blocks for the babies to play with...or throw at each other if they are like Peighton and Preston.

Another cute bouquet of flowers!

I should have taken more pictures of all the fun things she got!
So many cute things to fill their closets and play room!

I had everyone bring a favorite book for the babies.
Since the theme of the shower was from The Cat in the Hat it was quite fitting!
I recently read the quote:
"Children become readers on the laps of thier parents."
So true.
And these sweet babies now have lots of books to read for storytime!

We had a Diaper and Wipes Raffle to help her stock up on all the diapers they will need for the babies.
The winners got to take home some of my mom's famous cinnamon rolls!

We also played a fun game of How Much Does It Cost?

I bought:
a package of diapers
nail clippers
baby shampoo
a baby toy
a package of baby food
Each person had to write down what they thought each item cost and total all of the items.
Most were surprised at how much those 6 items cost!

We also played a fun ( and kind of challenging) word scramble game!
Everyone had to unscramble a list of baby-related words but the hard part was there were twice as many letters than they actually needed...because Twins are twice as hard!!!!
I printed this out from someone's blog that I now can't find.
But there was no answer key!
I will admit I had to have my mom figure some of them out!!!!!

Such a fun day and I got to do lots of crafty stuff to get ready for it!
"Thing One and Thing Two" will be here before we know it!!!!
Peighton is very excited to have more cousins!

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