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Monday, January 16, 2012

Homemade Puff Paint

Peighton and Preston were busy irritating each other from the moment they got up this morning!!!!!!

Which meant we needed to do something out of the ordinary that they could both be involved in.

I did a lot of messy art projects when I was teaching special needs kids as well as when I taught preschool.
I kept a lot of the books from my classroom knowing that one day I just might do a few of the projects with my own kids!

I flipped through one of my books this morning and found a recipe for making our own Puff Paint!

The recipe is super simple and needs normal pantry items-it was the perfect thing to make in a few minutes!

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1 cup salt
paint or food coloring (I used washable paint)

Mix them all together and put into squeeze bottles.
I used some ketchup and mustard bottles I found at Wal-mart.
I made 2 batches and divided it into 4 colors before putting it into my squeeze bottles.

Preston was very happy he got to do this art project-sometimes he's not always allowed to do the same things as "Sis!"

Peighton set right to work making all sorts of lovely designs.

At one point Preston did end up tasting the puff paint....he quickly decided that it was not worth eating!!!!!

They are currently still drying and I think might take awhile.
Peighton says they look a bit glittery!
Depending on how they turn out they could make some fun valentine cards for the Grandma's!

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